• Matteo P.
    09/27/2020 07:21

    What. An. Idiot.

  • Damien B.
    09/19/2020 11:11


  • Somnath C.
    09/08/2020 16:32

    Dhur kutta

  • Marietta W.
    09/08/2020 02:53


  • Asaph A.
    09/07/2020 13:36

    so you are a chicken, a fake, a snitch, and you are proud of it?

  • Mike C.
    09/03/2020 05:42

    Bless,he will not get old it seems

  • Mike C.
    09/03/2020 05:36

    Living legend 不

  • Nyuma M.
    08/30/2020 19:21


  • Jeremy W.
    08/26/2020 13:53

    Scum. A pedophile is a pedophile. Why doesn't Epstein get a clip on this site? Is it because he's dead or because he doesn't rap? If it was my 13 year old he was sexually assaulting, he would be in the ground. I would be in jail and y'all would never have heard about him... Probably wouldn't even care.

  • Hanif A.
    08/13/2020 23:51

    Why hating?

  • Reggie P.
    08/11/2020 16:07

    Just a punk.

  • Michael A.
    08/10/2020 14:24

    Talentless moron.

  • Khan M.
    07/14/2020 23:36

    he looks like yu budd

  • Kim K.
    07/04/2020 13:11

    You will only realize the value of your life when your physical strength starts to diminish, most at the age of 40's. You will regret every mistakes you've done to yourself.

  • Anthony A.
    06/28/2020 10:25

    look jake不不不不

  • Aj J.
    06/28/2020 01:36

    He would have been a shoeshine boy if Tupac and biggy were around!

  • James E.
    06/25/2020 15:35

    Riff Raff Junior

  • Dughi I.
    06/24/2020 05:36


  • Craig L.
    06/07/2020 08:30

    I bet hes dead in the next 12 months

  • Daniel N.
    06/02/2020 12:44

    Hes gona get it sooner or later, and he knows it, i can see the fear in is eyes, cant hide behind the police all the time

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