The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger

From Mr. Universe, to the “Terminator,” to governor of California, and now the “Terminator” again, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. 💪

11/02/2019 1:58 PM


  • Tarun P.
    10/29/2019 07:21

    Love u Arnold sir

  • Sohan S.
    10/28/2019 12:12

    Like his frank confessions, his struggle and environmental responsibility too.

  • Senti S.
    10/27/2019 22:18

    Are you doped?!?

  • Asif S.
    10/27/2019 12:59

    He is Back 🔥

  • Neelam K.
    10/26/2019 19:31

    Great actor

  • Aron V.
    10/26/2019 16:00

    To terminator doesn't drive the Hummer anymore?!

  • Prasin M.
    10/26/2019 09:49


  • Eden B.
    10/26/2019 09:38

    Before been the terminator he was Conan the barbarian!!!

  • Aakarsh C.
    10/26/2019 09:32

    He is only doing the movie to compete with stallone, both movies are stupid. Rambo and Terminator series came out of roids rage era filled 80s, but now they fail to connect. New terminator is especially pathetic with its agenda of gratifying the unisex, new politically correct millennial audience. Both movies were extremely violent and didn't care about what you thought.

  • Apurba K.
    10/26/2019 09:28

    Great to know that he married Maria Shriver the niece of John F.Kenedy and felt sad when he divorced her.Absolutely we are tremendously fan of ARNOLD from movie CONNAN THE BARBARIAN and then ""TERMINATOR "".we belived that he is man of family but exposed as unfaithful husband and betrayal father.ARNOLD Swencherwaner faild to be A ROLE MODEL to family lovers of WORLD. Sorry.

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