The life of Cardi B

From working as a stripper to becoming one of the most successful female rap artists to date, she's tackling politics and educating young voters. This is the story of Cardi B.

08/16/2020 2:00 PM


  • Trust N.
    5 days

    Music garbage

  • Trust N.
    5 days

    The most payola using rapper no talent rapper

  • Tracy L.
    6 days

    I see hoes, sleeping on Cardi "She, robbed rn drugged men" sisi did she rob ur husband's, did she drug ur son's 🙄? rn dat lady who said her bank account is larger Dan Cardi"s mams is you good in the head? Y"all stop judging, stop capping In Cardi"s, voice "I should run a whole block at dis, rate they're using my name for clickbait " "Seeing me win it gotta hurt ooh ouch" Please haters, Cardi don't need no press kill em" all put em" how's to rest Keep it up mogurl Cardi 🙏💖

  • AndrĂĄs S.
    6 days

    Love fĂĄkyumim vaginĂĄm

  • Pat M.
    07/25/2021 02:30

    She is nobody in music

  • Priddy K.
    07/22/2021 04:24

    She my role modelâ€đŸŠ‹I'm a fan!!

  • Traci B.
    07/21/2021 19:24

    Beautiful Queen ❀

  • Ndlovu N.
    07/21/2021 17:01


  • Kendra N.
    07/21/2021 15:39

    Wow I dint know a lot of things bout Cardi b I'm so surprised

  • Mary A.
    07/21/2021 13:32

    Not to mention a thief! Hello?

  • Lashanda G.
    07/21/2021 03:23

    Love she keep it real,and dat y she will Always huv fans

  • Viceily M.
    07/20/2021 23:05


  • Elizabeth O.
    07/20/2021 05:22

    They should do a movie of her it b successful

  • Angela J.
    07/19/2021 00:58

    Do you Mrs. Cardi B. You are a beautiful person living your dreams. May the awesome God continue to bless you and your family. You have to love you first always....❀❀

  • Shan T.
    07/18/2021 12:04

    So I guess we're just gonna forget the fact that she admitted to drugging guys to steal their stuff?

  • Mario C.
    07/18/2021 05:15


  • Nacresia B.
    07/17/2021 21:05


  • Shaun J.
    07/17/2021 16:27

    Much Love & Respect 💯

  • Mercy R.
    07/17/2021 14:58


  • Robin M.
    07/17/2021 12:23

    Who cares