The life of Harrison Ford

As an actor, he's saved a galaxy far, far away... In real life, he's fighting to save our planet. This is the life of Harrison Ford.

Who is Harrison Ford

*Humble beginnings

Harrison Ford was born in 1942 in Chicago. His mother was a radio actress and his father, an actor turned advertising executive. After leaving college, he signed an acting contract for 150 dollars a week with Columbia Pictures. Not finding much success in his early work, Ford changed career paths by becoming a carpenter for Hollywood celebrities. During these jobs, he caught the eye of casting director Fred Roos and ended up getting his first big role in American Graffiti (1973). The director of* American Graffiti, George Lucas, ended up remembering Ford when casting the first Star Wars* film (1977) and gave him the role of Han Solo. Shortly after, he became Indiana Jones in *Raiders of the Lost Ark* (1981). However, Harrison Ford speaks about more than just his iconic film roles.

“Stop, for God's sake, the denigration of science. Stop giving power to people who don't believe in science, or worse than that, pretend they don't believe in science for their own self-interest… Sound science must guide us to ask governments, businesses, communities to act, to change behavior, to invest in our future; we need science. But around the world, elements of leadership, including in my own country, to preserve their stake in the status quo deny or denigrate science. They are on the wrong side of history,” Harrison Ford urges in archived climate summits.

Climate change activist

Currently, Ford uses the buzz from the Star Wars sequel trilogy to create awareness of environmental issues. He has been an ambassador for the NGO Conservation International organization since 1991, a pilot for the Riverkeeper team that monitors pollution in the Hudson River, and has donated over 389 acres of land from his Wyoming ranch to create a natural reservation. He is currently married to Calista Flockhart and has five children.


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  • Jeff D.
    03/09/2020 05:42

    Meanwhile threads on Facebook are posted on computers and phones manufactured in China, the largest contributor to global pollution. Why are so many items made in China? Answer...they have zero restrictions on pollution which lowers the production cost considerably. Want to make a real impact on pollution from a personal level, don't by any more products made in China or India. Tomorrow Amazon and Walmart will make more record breaking sales selling cheep imports to us Americans. Ford and his fellow actors produce a larger carbon footprint than the average person. Their homes are larger which use more raw materials, wood and stone being a largest components. Multiple vehicles and usually several homes. Until he and his buds scale down to one small home and a single car his words are nothing more than hot air. Another pampered elite telling the peasant class how it should be done. Spare me the self righteous indignation.

  • Charlie P.
    03/08/2020 08:19

    All of you that mock this wonderful human being are a disgrace ! This man has dedicated himself to do whats right , and yet you make petty comments about his character! Anyone that thinks that everything is just fine, You need to open your eyes and make a decision to make a difference!

  • Shelton L.
    03/04/2020 07:55

    dont ruin han solo for me... hate to believe that he has been duped bu the faith based global warming doomsday cultists...

  • Joannah S.
    03/04/2020 05:21

    I bumped into him (nearly literally) at a Farmer's market in Santa Barbara and we discussed the merits of different grapes for sale!!! We came the same conclusion on the best and I got that lop sided grin of his!!! Cool guy!

  • Eldon A.
    03/03/2020 12:51

    He also bashed the President moron --Hollywood can't keep their mouths shut.

  • Antonius C.
    03/03/2020 06:34

    and he scolded our Ministry of Forest couple years ago... 😁 well done Sir, well done

  • سعيد ع.
    03/03/2020 05:22

    ممثل فاشل

  • Kenneth H.
    03/03/2020 03:42

    He is about as exciting as a bag of hammers.

  • Jude U.
    03/02/2020 22:29

    idol nimo 😊😁

  • Frank H.
    03/02/2020 18:43

    Born on the same day and year as myself!

  • Mark M.
    03/02/2020 14:00

    Climate change is a communist hoax

  • Gordon M.
    03/02/2020 08:00

    Damn... wants to know what brand of makeup he uses.

  • Σύλβια Α.
    03/02/2020 06:41

    Word up 😁

  • Graziosa G.
    03/02/2020 06:19

    I love this legend man😍👍he's a good actor

  • James G.
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  • Jennafur A.
    03/01/2020 22:41

    God I love him so freaking much. 😍😍😍

  • Carol H.
    03/01/2020 21:18

    No “ one” man can save the planet. It’s the responsibility of us all. Good on him though.

  • Christine M.
    03/01/2020 20:05

    He has always had that cheeky grin! An awesome actor, a lovely man!

  • Marilyn D.
    03/01/2020 19:06

    Still a legend! X

  • Wendy L.
    03/01/2020 18:54