The life of Harry Styles

I could see myself becoming someone I didn't want to be." Once a member of one of the most popular bands of all time, he chose to reinvent himself. It's Harry Styles.

02/01/2021 10:57 PMupdated: 09/24/2021 5:20 PM


  • Craig J.
    01/13/2022 15:23

    Think he’s been to the fake accent university

  • Gilbert R.
    01/12/2022 15:26

    Love him..Love Harry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Liliana O.
    01/10/2022 04:29

    I think he's on a path to find himself and he's breaking the shell to become free he's interesting so much potential and very talented I hope he stays grounded too not let the fame swallow him up ..

  • Ally S.
    01/07/2022 19:48

    What’s with the fake accent

  • Bella M.
    01/06/2022 16:42

    This is a very sad clip. His soul is sad. I hope he finds his true happiness in life. ❤️🌟

  • Lucja B.
    01/06/2022 15:16

    Hope he finds his peace… he’s beautiful but he doesn’t know it … 🥰

  • Wanda H.
    01/03/2022 16:26

    Love Harry and his determination and courage to do and be what makes him happy.💕

  • Margaret C.
    01/01/2022 19:38

    Brilliant 💜 and the best of British to him

  • Mine Ş.
    12/31/2021 04:49

  • Marty T.
    12/29/2021 23:29

    Theres always a sob story

  • Lynne A.
    12/26/2021 19:39

    He always looks half asleep

  • Darren S.
    12/26/2021 18:06

    Zero talent manufactured rubbish

  • Sarah C.
    12/25/2021 12:40

    Fantastic interview, he’s real, he is authentic and he’s enjoying his life. 😊⭐️

  • Lip S.
    12/20/2021 11:00

    Wasn't into the music, not my cup of tea, but he is cute 😉

  • Deborah B.
    12/05/2021 14:34

    Love him!!

  • Celina M.
    12/02/2021 12:14

    Babies...mothers should be allowed to tour with sons

  • Jean M.
    11/30/2021 22:10

    Why is he talking a merican

  • Rebie R.
    11/27/2021 15:35

    He’s good

  • Karen K.
    11/27/2021 14:49

    Harry is a legend already, he is a free spirit with so much soul, love all your songs so much♥️

  • July Z.
    11/26/2021 12:24

    I like your voice.

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