The life of J.K. Rowling

She brought magic to the world with the "Harry Potter" series, but this once-beloved author's views on trans rights have led to calls for her to be "cancelled." This is the story of J.K. Rowling.

09/27/2020 1:59 PM


  • Mohammad S.
    2 days

    Rowling is correct partially but do transgenders have deep psychological problems is the question as many of them are committing for ms rowling please support this wonderful lady.

  • Michelle A.
    3 days

    These post always seem to show bigots off really well. Makes it easy to pick through.

  • Zeeshan H.
    3 days

    Media is paid content, freedom of expression is infact expression by force either by external or internal demon.

  • Jason J.
    5 days

    I am beginning to like J.K. Rowling ❤️

  • Victoria M.
    5 days

    If you make hateful derogatory statements to other human beings then you deserve whatever backlash comes after that. It doesn't matter what an individual does in their life or who they are in their life everyone deserves respect and if you have an opinion that can hurt someone else then you deserve what you get.

  • Pauline S.
    5 days

    She has her own opinion

  • Ubi C.
    5 days

    She is a no nonsense woman.

  • Bayode O.
    5 days

    She's coool like the air we breathe!

  • Narog Y.
    5 days

    She is the biggest TERF

  • Ahmad F.
    5 days

    I ❤ her! She's adorkable inside and out

  • Robert C.
    5 days

    The far left acting like fascists as usual just because she has an opinion and agrees with science and biology and won’t pander to mental health issues

  • Shalika S.
    5 days

    I have never been a fan of overrated fake hallucinations.

  • Brume C.
    5 days

    Folks, her other author name comes from a dude who practiced conversion therapy on gay people. This only choice is super questionnable, frankly, so the rest....

  • Gordon G.
    5 days

    Boring boring boring

  • Johnny K.
    5 days

    So.. not everyone shouldnt be allowed to have their own thoughts and ideas? Media wants people to go mainstream, forcing people to not have their own opinions. Follow or be thrown out of society basicly And before someone might go postal... I dont care how you live your life. With who or what. As long as it doesnt affect my way or will to live my life.

  • Carmen L.
    6 days

    cue the transphobic commenters

  • Family c.
    6 days

    I <3 j.k. Rowling!

  • Judy D.
    6 days

    So tragically crucified for just saying what biology says, what science repeats, that boy bodies are different than girl bodies. There is no hate there!

  • Ana S.
    6 days

    I like her 🥰

  • Marianne S.
    6 days

    I am trying to understand what is meant.What is she objecting to that is offensive? Sorry to be so clueless.would someone enlighten me?