The life of Kim Kardashian

From being Paris Hilton's assistant to building a multimillion dollar empire along with her family... This is the story of Kim Kardashian, the "Queen of Reality TV."

09/13/2020 2:00 PMupdated: 09/14/2020 9:25 AM


  • Henry Y.
    a day


  • Henry Y.
    a day


  • Len K.
    3 days

    I never noticed how annoying her voice is. Sorry

  • Diana E.
    5 days


  • Jamilu M.
    6 days

    I LIKE U

  • Denice H.
    11/14/2020 20:19

    Her talent is selfies

  • Lisa F.
    11/14/2020 00:27

    Too much plastic surgery ugly she looks like Cher But she’s younger

  • Lisa F.
    11/14/2020 00:05

    Frankly can’t stand her I like all of the sisters more than her she’s so egotistical and suck on yourself bye-bye Kim

  • Lisette N.
    11/08/2020 16:00

    Beautiful 🌹

  • Fatima E.
    11/03/2020 18:19


  • Amanda C.
    10/31/2020 17:31

    Superficial celebrity culture needs to go...

  • Robert K.
    10/30/2020 12:24

    I can’t wait, until they go off the air! What a privileged family. That takes advantage of the American public.

  • Дшордан А.
    10/30/2020 12:15

    Porn videos, curse facts, bad history, no innocence, and more bad influencer

  • Isabelle L.
    10/30/2020 10:36

    La prochaine connerie sur connes et putes de surcroit je me désabonne également

  • Isabelle L.
    10/30/2020 10:15

    Ses sourcils à la tête carrée qui n'existent pas dans la nature elle non plus d'ailleurs ou l'erreur de la nature

  • Shirlaine W.
    10/30/2020 09:17

    going to an island is not good thousands dying ,what about her workers the people around her need to help her make good choices or they have no sense like her

  • Michael H.
    10/30/2020 09:06

    I couldn't imagine the amount of good I could do with her wealth. It'd be crazy.

  • Kayanoush N.
    10/30/2020 06:44

    Unfollowed now

  • Ty W.
    10/30/2020 06:37

    Ok Bruce is a goose and Kim is a weirdo

  • K-Lina B.
    10/30/2020 04:41

    The next crap about these good for nothing women I see in Brut, I will unfollow your page. Not worth the agrevasion🤬

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