The life of Selena

She's one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of all time, and her legacy lives on long after her murder. This is the story of Selena, the "Queen of Tejano music."

12/04/2020 5:01 PM


  • Brianna R.
    01/03/2021 20:00

    I love Selena but her father and family are money hungry. I am here for Selena not them.

  • Nurul K.
    12/24/2020 06:11

    Looking so nice really

  • Robert G.
    12/05/2020 12:21

    Why should they , they don't let Alvis RIP

  • Alonzo M.
    12/05/2020 11:50

    Love Selena but they should just let her Rest In Peace already

  • Michel K.
    12/05/2020 07:49