• Anthony I.
    01/06/2019 18:48

    go home rock and take ur peds

  • Patrick C.
    07/11/2017 18:20

    Dwayne Johnson would make a good president

  • Madeline V.
    07/10/2017 04:52

    I would actually vote for him if it means I dont need to have Donald trump as president who is a bitch

  • Diogo d.
    07/06/2017 15:53

    feels like everyday we are a bit closer to... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/

  • Mir R.
    07/05/2017 03:41

    I want a three way cage match between The Rock, Oprah and Trump. Winner steps out of the cage being the President.

  • Maisonet-Menendez M.
    07/05/2017 02:47

    How about we stop turning our country's government into a fucking reality show and get people with degrees and experience running for president?

  • Austin W.
    07/05/2017 01:18

    I fully suport the rock running for president rather than a man who looks like he bathes in cheetos

  • Greg B.
    07/04/2017 23:28

    Leave politics to people who have actual public administrative experience. It is not a fucking reality tv show.

  • Chris L.
    07/04/2017 20:49

    Meh, just like waka flocka was going to and someone else I forget. They never follow through.

  • Alvin C.
    07/04/2017 20:27

    U got my vote rock

  • Ken T.
    07/04/2017 20:15

    I shiggy diggy

  • Shannon B.
    07/04/2017 20:09

    I'd vote for the rock

  • Amar B.
    07/04/2017 19:21

    America...This is who we are.

  • Jordan V.
    07/04/2017 19:18


  • James S.
    07/04/2017 19:17

    His campaign slogan would just be a picture of the eyebrow!

  • Wesley B.
    07/04/2017 19:10

    This will be the first election decided between the ropes and I am 100% down for it

  • Alec D.
    07/04/2017 19:10

    I don't know I think the rock sounds like a fine president

  • Ricardo B.
    07/04/2017 18:38

    Rocky Rocky Rocky!

  • Robert C.
    07/04/2017 18:36

    So great to see American politics potentially sink so low. 'Merica!

  • Raul B.
    07/04/2017 18:28


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