• Faizaan O.
    07/03/2017 20:13

    , , Sayandeep Das, Sher Khan Alizai

  • Sagar S.
    07/03/2017 20:27

    tomar dadu 😄🤐😂😂

  • Theo H.
    07/03/2017 20:53


  • Reo O.
    07/03/2017 20:53

    I mean I guess since we've all decided to turn the u.s. into dancing with the stars I'm voting for the rock.

  • Adam D.
    07/03/2017 20:54


  • Dante A.
    07/03/2017 20:56

    I'm willing to give my vote to the "rock".i mean the people gave Donald chump a chance.why not?at least he won't get clowned on for catching fades over a computer screen or cell phone.

  • Olayinka A.
    07/03/2017 20:58

    I can't wait to see the rock debate this clown

  • Daniel D.
    07/03/2017 21:00

    Honestly, this is a good concept. Trump has a very wannabe-alpha personality. Throw him on the debate stage with a real alpha (one with brains) and watch him fall apart trying to keep up. I hate that this is what we've reverted to, but we do what we must

  • Victor P.
    07/03/2017 21:04

    The peoples champion for the win

  • メランソン ジ.
    07/03/2017 21:05

    I'll go for the Rock if no one else competent steps forward.

  • Jake L.
    07/03/2017 21:07

    Who doesn't like the rock

  • Jon D.
    07/03/2017 21:15

    I'd like to hear what anyone's idea for the direction the country can go in unless your racist and self center and a golf hustler

  • Sean S.
    07/03/2017 21:16


  • Alex V.
    07/03/2017 21:17

    Bruh yes the rockkk!! Fuck that cheeto trump. And they dont have killer finishers donald hits like a pussy. 😂😂

  • Durant J.
    07/03/2017 21:18


  • Fernando C.
    07/03/2017 21:22

    When did the us presidency turn into a wwe match

  • Marixa L.
    07/03/2017 21:24

    Ppl do know the rock voted for trump

  • Marixa L.
    07/03/2017 21:24

    The rock voted for trump dumbasses

  • Steve M.
    07/03/2017 21:25

    It's all 1 big joke

  • Alexander R.
    07/03/2017 21:25

    I think monkey at this point would win against Trump right now.