This is Zoë Kravitz

She's the child of famous parents but worked to carve out her own space as an actress, a rockstar, and fashion icon. Now, she's playing the new Catwoman in "The Batman," this is Zoë Kravitz.

03/12/2022 2:57 PM


  • Minerva C.
    04/24/2022 12:04

    I like the rarity of her beauty

  • Chloe N.
    04/23/2022 01:05

    Naalala ko lang..ang lau grabe ka

  • Natalie H.
    04/23/2022 00:24

    Talk about hitting the genetic lottery

  • Laith N.
    04/14/2022 16:57

    She is absolutely beautiful - what a face , I mean Lenny Ktavitz is ageless . Glad she got over her eating disorder and opened up to her creative side . Loved her in Big Little lies 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • LaCienega O.
    04/13/2022 20:05

    Someone grab her some food 🍱 gosh she’s too cachexic Can she spell food 👀 Zoë you better eat Nobody will write in your eulogy that you had a flat tummy

  • Nurul S.
    04/08/2022 05:21

    Love her in Rough Night with Scarlett Johansson

  • Galit F.
    04/02/2022 18:21

    תראי כמה דומה לאבא שלה גם הצורת פנים

  • Shorrie H.
    04/01/2022 22:13

    Beautiful up and coming actress, but I think calling her a fashion icon is a little premature.

  • Niluh E.
    03/27/2022 05:05

    Villa pantai and Ashling villa. Beautiful villa by the beach, I don't know the exact budget but they worth it!

  • Milena M.
    03/23/2022 12:10

    Amazing artist/actress ♥️

  • Karen T.
    03/23/2022 06:28


  • Ara T.
    03/19/2022 11:14

    I've always been a fan of Zoe, and she was great on the batman

  • Irene P.
    03/18/2022 00:33

    Ur, beautiful & talented do your own thing !! 💙💞💙🎶💞🎶

  • Evan T.
    03/17/2022 15:57

    Such a beautiful and talented woman.

  • Herbert E.
    03/16/2022 15:01

    She's cute but she's no Eartha Kitt.

  • Josie M.
    03/16/2022 03:05

    She’s amazing! I love her!👑

  • Erlinda d.
    03/15/2022 22:48


  • Leandro B.
    03/15/2022 15:03

    Black people of united states 😄

  • Tony W.
    03/15/2022 10:35

    One word Beautiful

  • Keyshia M.
    03/15/2022 08:52

    Having your teen daughter party with Prince is something no parent should be happy for nor encourage. 😬

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