Vic Mensa is calling out hip-hop artists who abuse women

Rapper Vic Mensa is calling out hip-hop artists who abuse women — and he even went in on the late XXXTentacion. 🎤

10/17/2018 3:24 PM
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  • David P.
    10/17/2018 15:27

    Stand up!

  • Ikahn E.
    10/17/2018 16:21

    Well said.

  • Stephanie W.
    10/17/2018 16:41

    October is Domestic violence awareness month. Alot of people don't realize how big of a problem it is!

  • Stephanie W.
    10/17/2018 16:46

    Woman are not the only victims! Woman can also be abusers. Men can be victims just as easily.

  • Charles M.
    10/17/2018 16:54

    Taking advice from the Illuminati

  • Brut
    10/17/2018 17:13

    This project is helping victims of domestic violence escape abusive relationships.

  • Oscar A.
    10/17/2018 19:34

    Well said.

  • Yoru R.
    10/17/2018 20:00

    Oh fck off no body knows you You are trying to do what mgk did To increase popularity by going to the legends

  • Keegan B.
    10/17/2018 20:56

    more like the black community has a domestic violence problem lmao

  • Yvonne N.
    10/17/2018 22:17

    That mother should have beat it into her sons head that you don’t put your hands on no one in anger. He probably would have still been shot but at least he wouldn’t have been a woman beater in death.

  • Jennie B.
    10/18/2018 02:25

    Thank you for your integrity

  • Laura S.
    10/18/2018 04:12

    Thank you

  • Aasis N.
    10/18/2018 04:24

    Sakriya Dhakal

  • Cody M.
    10/18/2018 07:32

    MEN have a domestic violence problem. And until other men speak up against abusers, THIS will continue.

  • Ali M.
    10/18/2018 09:52

    never heard of him.good message but reaching to X as an example is like he’s leeching off clout from him

  • Georgia J.
    10/18/2018 12:13


  • Droseph M.
    10/18/2018 15:45

    Vic hold this L

  • Santi M.
    10/21/2018 00:58

    Vic who? Plus he points out a "possible" abuser... x went into trial and won the case. Vic who? The loser who doesnt get enough attention? Fag

  • Reagan A.
    10/23/2018 19:54

    I stand with Vic, woman brutality is ugly

  • Maloth S.
    10/23/2018 22:54