Was Halloween always “sexy”?

Sexy Bernie Sanders, sexy It clown, sexy chicken sandwich ... Halloween is becoming increasingly sexualized. Here’s why some people are pushing back.

10/30/2021 5:58 PM


  • Melissa L.
    11/03/2021 12:27

    Thank you for this!! As a mom of two girls we need a change to happen. So proud of you

  • Ketty V.
    11/01/2021 08:22

    There wouldn't be a supply if the demand was not there

  • Kevin G.
    10/31/2021 12:24

    So?? go work in marketing.

  • Nevin S.
    10/30/2021 21:58

    WTF-it's you leftards who have pushing the Sexuialised agenda for a few decades-

  • Steve A.
    10/30/2021 18:12

    If women didn't sexulize costumes to stsrt with they wouldn't market them as so.

  • Hodi E.
    10/30/2021 18:05

    Loads of bullcrap. Wear what you f*cking want. Most places are selling what's on demand. Most those costumes are not even for regular " PARTIES "

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