What BBQ Looks Like Around the World

With so much that divides us, there is one thing that many can agree on: large portions of smoked meat. From Texas to Germany — here's what barbecues look like around the world. 🥩

It's Grilling Time!

A typical American backyard barbecue goes something like this: grill meat, eat meat, repeat and food coma. Incidentally, the case is pretty much the same in the rest of the world. Whether it's biltong strips at a South African braai, or galbi at All-You-Can-Eat Korean Barbecue, few things bring people the world over together quite as well as smoke, hot stones or metal, and a nice, heaping hunk of protein.

If you were having a barbecue somewhere in the world…In Argentina, I would be continuing
a tradition. It’s not just about having a barbecue, it’s a family get-together. Argentinians make asados. They cook the food slowly over hot coals. Cooking takes several hours. In South Africa, barbecues are also a tradition. Barbecuing over wood is extremely important for South Africans. Some people even want to introduce a national Braai Day.”

In Germany, you could have a barbecue in some parks. This is what parks in Cologne look like as soon as the sun comes out. They’re flooded by nature-lovers but especially barbecue-lovers. You’ll find all styles, all kinds of meat, and some experts of the field. You have to add a splash of beer to your sausages. It’s better that way! The food I’d eat the most would be Bratwursts. / grilled sausages. When you barbecue in Germany, you have to have bratwurst or else it’s not a real barbecue!”

In the U.S., and especially in Texas, I could take part in competitions, reality shows and festivals. Many believe this is the country of barbecue. It’s a way of life here. There are barbecues everywhere, in every home, in every family. The quintessential backyard barbecue combines all these things in the most glorious ways possible, and in almost every way possible.

In France, if you lived in Paris, the law would prohibit me from barbecuing in parks and public gardens.