Yes, Women are Funny — According to the “Mrs. Maisel” Stars

Has the role of women in comedy really changed since the 1950s? Here's what the stars of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" think.

Still marvelous

The Emmy winning leads of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel see distinct differences — and similarities — between women comedians in the 1950s versus 2019:

I feel like she should be Ali Wong you know Ali Wong, the basis of her comedy has been her - not always but in the last couple of years - has been her family and coming from her personal life and her experiences walking through the world. I loved "Baby Cobra," I watched it about six times prepping for this show. What makes Midge and her comedy and this show so unique, if that it was at that time. Things that hadn’t been done yet and things that were so unique. I don’t know if there exists something of the same caliber now because the form for women has been around much longer now. I love how hungry Midge is. Literally how hungry she is. She eats on set morning till night, she does not stop. I like how hungry she is in every aspect of her life, literally, figuratively, I love bringing a woman like that to life. I like that I get to wear flat shoes. I like being comfortable. I also like that about Susie. I like that she’s strong and yet vulnerable. I like that combination of her that she’s very tough but also vulnerable,” Rachel Brosnahan tells Brut.

We’ve seen a lot of change, we’ve got these stadium comedians that are female, we’ve got Amy Schumer, Ali Wong and Sarah Silverman. But there’s always room for more, I think it would be nice if it wasn’t still a question that we get asked during interviews, that would be cool. If we got to a point where a person doing stand-up, and whether they have tits or not doesn’t matter. You’re right with someone that has been talking about things that no one else is talking about, Midge represents one of the pioneering comedians. But in terms what she talks about and her style, I feel that’s a little bit like Ali Wong,” Alex Borstein tells Brut.