• Andres P.
    11/07/2021 17:52

    with all respect, it's hard to believe he is deaf, the way he talks is only possible by listening not reading..

  • Sayem A.
    11/05/2021 15:06

    so how can he talk? Asking seriously, how did he understand which sound means which word, when he can't hear them? Genuinely curious

  • Tori C.
    05/09/2021 19:30

    That was a great video to watch. I am also deaf and wear hearing aids. And like you I am an artist. My art has been professionally acting for decades in all media. When I came out as a transgender female my agent dumped me and my career literally died. I have a new one now and it's something I never knew that I could even do although I played guitar off and on since I was a kid. All of a sudden I am a professional singer songwriter guitarist. When I play out I tell my crowds that I have no idea what I sound like. As long as I keep getting these great crowd reactions I don't care and I'll keep doing it. I grew up in a house that told me to shut up anytime I tried to sing. Today after I already turned them down three times I accepted an invitation to audition for a theater musical. I never sang a show tune in my life. So they are going to let me audition by playing my guitar and singing my own songs. I still don't think I will get the gig but I will give it my best. Deaf or not, you are a handsome and charismatic and well-spoken guy and I believe you have a bright future.

  • Stefanie S.
    05/09/2021 16:06

    I'd rather buy his art rather than his sex.

  • Daniel B.
    05/09/2021 16:00

    na dezent Konkurrenz 😛

  • Zelda T.
    05/09/2021 14:30

    Yes Great

  • Mary E.
    05/09/2021 13:43

    He speaks very well for that person most deaf people they know sign language but I talked a little different 🙂 speak impediment have a good day

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