13 very simple questions on viruses

What's a coronavirus, anyway? 13 very simple questions about viruses, answered by virologist Jillian Carmichael.

04/20/2020 4:31 PMupdated: 04/20/2020 4:31 PM


  • Bobby P.
    10/05/2020 12:29

    Cute sya .

  • Hellene L.
    10/05/2020 06:19

    gosh confusing.. Differently from Cancer,diabetes.. We need to trace to figure out the puzzle.. Where it came from.. It's DNA collection. . What's behind to this corona virus?..i think the cure! Not the description! 🙏

  • Kevin M.
    10/05/2020 01:40

    y they got so many cases

  • Rachel S.
    10/02/2020 18:12

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  • Vincent L.
    10/02/2020 17:56

    Common Cold is a Rhino Virus, NOT a Corona Virus.

  • Mike S.
    10/02/2020 17:52

    Yes but this one virus has no cure or vaccine as of late

  • Janie W.
    10/02/2020 17:36

    All vaccines are deadly period ! They are full of deadly toxins look up Dr Tenpenny leading expert on them !

  • Rahsia K.
    10/02/2020 16:55


  • Rahsia K.
    10/02/2020 16:55


  • Rahsia K.
    10/02/2020 16:55

    Lovely friends 💕

  • Pandit V.
    10/02/2020 16:35

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  • Shaolin A.
    05/15/2020 17:48

  • Robert G.
    05/15/2020 15:38

    You know we cant see them not detached from a cell, everything about it is a guess,

  • Erik R.
    05/15/2020 15:25

    Valerie Davis 🧐

  • Amber B.
    05/15/2020 14:33

    I really hate that I spent so many years in school learning similar things this brilliant women just spoke to us about, and here we are, bashing her for nervous speech and claiming she’s a liar and that the government is trying to keep us from working. I’d love to go back to slaving away at a mediocre job that pays far too little for the time and energy given to inhumane supervisors while continuing to make other people rich, but it’s actually kind of fun watching the government act like an off guard dead beat parent who just got forced to help pay for their sick child’s treatment.

  • Kevin T.
    05/15/2020 13:06

    You never here number 13 and same is true of bacteria

  • Kevin T.
    05/15/2020 13:02

    Number 7 is why we need the original virus from Wuhan

  • Alex J.
    05/15/2020 11:49

    Is she dead yet? Has she commited suicide yet? For some odd reason just suddenly disappeared?

  • Eric Z.
    05/15/2020 11:02

    So...I’m the only one who’s super attracted to this brilliant woman, then?

  • Rick M.
    05/15/2020 00:35

    👎🏽 enough

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