5 Myths about male sexuality debunked

Is a man only turned on if his penis is hard? Nope. This sex and somatic coach is setting the record straight by busting five common myths on male sexuality. Thanks to Kama.

06/08/2021 11:58 PM


  • Charlotte T.
    5 hours

    Well...he's very cute, BTW 😝😝

  • Alexandria J.
    8 hours

    Came across a micro 🍆 recently... the worst sexual experience I've ever had in my life.

  • Tatiana G.
    10 hours

    If you respected yourself and opened your legs to only men you were attracted to, trust me, you would be sexually satisfied. The pride some women have in talking about how "experienced" they are đŸ€Ł

  • Syed S.
    11 hours

    Disgusting ...thats why stick to only one person and don't keep wandering here and there to every other man or woman and be contented with what you get and not what you want because that way the thirst and lust would keep getting more and more that's disgusting way of spending your life by giving an excuse that you weren't satisfied infact learn to be that way rather than keep checking everyone for the sake of getting satisfied more and more because Everytime there would be another miss/ mister perfect learn to control your animal desires and stay human being honest with yourself is good but keep checking others for the sake of your pleasure and satisfaction is not wait for your destined partner at least save yourself for them who are supposed to remain with you for the rest of the life.

  • Regine G.
    13 hours

    Too many blah blah

  • Claudia S.
    13 hours

    Can we get a video explaining why a majority of men don’t go down on their partners? Is it because of too much anxiety or pressure on them as well?

  • Mthabisi P.
    16 hours

    This is really educational 👍

  • Sophie J.
    17 hours

    Finding a man who's cared enough to learn some skills along the way is priceless

  • Brian S.
    17 hours

    This man is bugging clown đŸ€Ą đŸ€Ą

  • Hr N.
    19 hours

    Tantra ‌

  • Tammi B.
    21 hours

    It’s all about the girth also!

  • Mostak M.
    a day


  • Aarron F.
    a day

    i love how so many women are like size does matter yea like is men can magically just grow a few more inches after it stops growing in our 20s like no.

  • Layla H.
    a day

    Amen brother ....finally a man says it. It's not about the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean. I've been with big ones and average's sad when a man has equipment like that and has no idea how to use it

  • Richard S.
    a day

    And for the girls.. Kegals.

  • Francis M.
    a day

    Size matters, to an extent. You don't want to be on the extreme end. You want something enough, and that differs from person to person.

  • Candra F.
    a day

    Waiting for all the men to mansplain s*x to women and why their small member matters.

  • Miguel I.
    a day

    Thickness is what matters the most.

  • Francis K.
    a day

    I wish men CARED about women than what size they try to put into them.

  • Susanne B.
    a day

    No prostate in women.

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