5 Myths about male sexuality debunked

Is a man only turned on if his penis is hard? Nope. This sex and somatic coach is setting the record straight by busting five common myths on male sexuality. Thanks to Kama.

06/08/2021 11:58 PM


  • Derek S.
    3 days

    There are several lectures following this.

  • Lillie V.
    3 days


  • Hakeem S.
    3 days

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  • Marchandt P.
    3 days

    Very informative thank you for the info

  • Maria C.
    4 days

    Shame, Some men, think with wrong head.

  • Jose G.
    4 days

    Very helpful information.

  • Judy D.
    4 days

    Something that is sexually affecting men under thirty is pornography....this is the main reason (generally speaking), it becomes more difficult for them to perform. This has been thoroughly researched.

  • Crystal A.
    4 days

    Great advice and information. Many men don't realise women have a very high libido, even the women who aren't overtly sexual in a public space. I also do everything I can to make my partner feel comfortable and safe because I get the chance to see them at their most vulnerable state. I protect that. Idc what other people do, this is what I do

  • Melita G.
    4 days

    Do we really need to talk about mens sexuality more? The whole culture is built on it, I need less of it not more

  • Brut
    4 days

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