5 myths about virginity

No, there's no such thing as "popping your cherry." Gynecologist Nina Brochmann busts five myths about virginity...

05/10/2021 12:32 PM


  • Samina H.
    8 hours

    Great video 👌🏼

  • Rajdeep S.
    2 days

    suno bosrike

  • Ben P.
    3 days

    As a man who has deflowered a few girls in his time I can tell you that there is a pop that can be felt and even heard and always blood. Many woman on here don’t agree with her for a reason. So this MD needs to go do more research.

  • Al O.
    3 days

    Paminaw o

  • Krishia A.
    3 days

    eto yung sinsabi q sayo HAHAHAH

  • Ted K.
    3 days

    This is sad.

  • Suzanne N.
    3 days

    See this is so upsetting because when I was 16 I was still a virgin at the time and I had to have emergency surgery for an ovarian cyst that was really bad I had just started my first period at the time as well the Dr that examined me said that I was sexually active to my mother that there was no doubt about it. I wasn't but they said I was lying. It was awful and humiliating

  • Linda W.
    3 days


  • Jenn T.
    4 days

    I wondered why I didn’t bleed my first time. I was told that the Hymen could break from vigorous exercise or playing sports.

  • Jordan K.
    5 days

    My friend taught me this a few months back😂they actually teach you this crap in school

  • Ashley H.
    5 days

    I was 13… bled like crazy… hurt like a mother!!!!

  • Anna L.
    7 days

    What if you don't bleed when you have first time? Is it okay?

  • Tai P.
    7 days

    The rapper T.I. should really watch this.

  • Val S.
    06/08/2021 04:25

    For real? This is what's on social media? People need to get some books, a hobby, WHATEVER, but this is not entertaining!

  • Lina Q.
    06/07/2021 23:21

    Ne moroccan men need to see this , i mean muslim ppl in general

  • Pam C.
    06/07/2021 22:04


  • Rene S.
    06/07/2021 17:12

    Geen klank

  • Jean M.
    06/07/2021 17:05

    There is a piece of skin called the himen in the virgin the has to be broken to have sex in weman. You need to talk to a Dr

  • Denise M.
    06/06/2021 22:37

    Ally of girls do not bleed on the first sexual encounter. Fact

  • MyMai T.
    06/06/2021 18:41