• Don L.
    2 days

    I had 3 women who squirted every time they climaxed.

  • Christophet K.
    3 days

    Not interested in golden showers

  • Micha N.
    4 days

    was für dich. 🤔🤔🤔 Das heißt/bedeutet also nicht automatisch gekommen 🤔🤔🤔 Das muss mir Dr. Klecker 🥛 persönlich nochmal was erklären 🤣

  • Bo N.
    7 days

    I am disheartened to know that there are this many people in the world who have absolutely no (zero) knowledge of this subject as per the teaching of Gods Doctrine.

  • Kunal D.
    01/19/2022 12:50

    Shouldnt we have an Ob-gyn, and not a psychologist, explaining this?

  • Bobby R.
    01/19/2022 04:10

    Can you squirt ?

  • Steven W.
    01/18/2022 02:45


  • Husnain A.
    01/15/2022 16:41


  • Tina C.
    01/09/2022 14:56

    I don't believe 95 % can or maybe I'm unlucky,only one of my friends have said they have

  • Joseph C.
    01/09/2022 01:54

    This is utter BS!! Not true at all…

  • Ashish S.
    01/08/2022 12:21

    squirting means peeing right ?

  • Kadek K.
    01/06/2022 00:55

    You cannot control your pee 😂😂?

  • John B.
    01/04/2022 23:48


  • R.V. B.
    01/04/2022 00:09


  • Royston W.
    01/03/2022 01:08

    My girlfriend can’t squirt for me, she can for her other boyfriend though , but tells me I’m the best, is she telling all her boyfriends the same, ….just give it to me,……I think it depends on the time of the month…..

  • Jane M.
    12/31/2021 20:58

    My second husband swore I was.peeing on him. I certainly hope one of his subsequent lovers was able to convince him otherwise.

  • Andy N.
    12/31/2021 15:41

    you might enjoy this lmao 🤣

  • Michael D.
    12/31/2021 15:36

    You need to lead the research on this

  • Eric J.
    12/31/2021 11:26

    Not enough thorough interrogation when proper. You have to ask if it’s happening or still not yet or 1-3! If she says you late alot of times hurry up you idiot! Just bust that citrus! Studies are garbage! Experience and get caught helps complete the job!

  • Paul F.
    12/31/2021 02:27

    As somebody who has made a woman squirt before, can confirm it is definitely not urine.

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