Abortions in the US

Women in Arkansas have to get their partner’s permission to get abortions, even after rapes... Here are the states with the strictest abortion laws.

07/12/2017 8:30 PM


  • Linda P.
    07/15/2017 02:28

    We should have the choice what do with our bodies. This is ridiculous

  • Steve N.
    07/13/2017 22:38

    Of course in Arkansas, everybody at the wedding is related to each other

  • Justice R.
    07/13/2017 21:24

    I am normally against abortions at all costs!! but these people act like women know their rapist sometimes it can be a spouse or friend ....but that's not always necessarily the case they act like the rapist are going around giving out their contact information after they are done wtf

  • Alaura O.
    07/13/2017 20:29

    Point blank period, it's nobody's fuckn business what you do with "YOUR" body...

  • Mika I.
    07/13/2017 19:49

    This is terrifying

  • Mujtaba M.
    07/13/2017 19:23

    Dunno why the keep shoving rape in there like it's the leading cause of unwanted pregnancy As for the others, fathers deserve a say in their kids right to live as well, u make them pay child support anyways if they don't and the mom does. Abortion after body formation (3 months) is murder anyways and should be illegal

  • Nicole B.
    07/13/2017 18:48

    If a man is pro life, he should tell the woman about his beliefs before sex, not try to force his ideals after.

  • Emma M.
    07/13/2017 18:45

    I think it depends on the situation. A woman definitely shouldn't have to ask her rapist if it is ok, that's just ridiculous. But if a baby is conceived during consensual intercourse and the man wants the baby, he should have a say.

  • Michelle K.
    07/13/2017 18:26

    How in the hell are they gonna prove the man who signs the paperwork for the abortion is the same man who knocked her up? C'mon now...

  • Brittney M.
    07/13/2017 18:25

    This sort of law will only give rapists and abusers a way to force their victims to continue suffering. By preventing someone from getting an abortion, they can force that person to live with a constant physical reminder of the traumatic experience and the person behind it.

  • Michaeleighna M.
    07/13/2017 17:30

    I am strongly pro life. However a man who abuses should have no say over a women's body so that should be taken out of the bill. I believe a partner should absolutely have a say in what happens to their child. In that regard, I completely agree with this bill

  • Whitney A.
    07/13/2017 17:28

    Abortion is anti- women. Most women feel cornered by abortion and don't think there's another choice. To glorify abortion as if it "helps" women is evil. Human trafficking/ rape and killing babies are the most evil things that go on in the world. Pregnant women need support and options like adoption or help if they want to be a mom but don't know how. But it's shameful and deceitful to pretend like abortion helps women and people who are against it hate women.

  • Ashley C.
    07/13/2017 17:04

    This is why states are stupid and should not get to decide stuff.

  • Chan N.
    07/13/2017 16:56

    Chelsea Biersack ridiculous 🙄

  • Ashlie M.
    07/13/2017 16:15

    This shits fucked

  • Eric M.
    07/13/2017 15:18

    the bottom line is that this is still the murder of babies

  • Amber L.
    07/13/2017 15:17

    This is a sick joke right?

  • Brennalyn D.
    07/13/2017 15:10

    I agree with that law to an extent. It takes 2 to make a baby, it should take 2 to make the decisions on said baby. But in the case of rape, no. Problem is, that's hard to prove. So while I like the idea of the law, I don't think it can successfully work as intended.

  • Michelle M.
    07/13/2017 14:45

    I think it is an absolute crime that Fathers have No say in what happens to their child! Double standards at its finest; a father gets no say in abortions or child support. If a mother doesn t want to or think she can afford a child, she can "get rid of it", but if she does decide she wants the baby, the father doesn t have that same choice. "Sorry, you created it, so you have to take care of it." 100% agree with that last statement but then they should be allowed to stand up for their child and say no to abortion as well!

  • Courtney E.
    07/13/2017 14:37

    This is such a complicated argument. No matter what side of the argument you're on, someone is losing. It's not fair for a woman to have to carry a baby she doesn't want, or it's not fair that a father should have no say in a woman killing his baby. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but abortion is immoral, and when people commit immoral acts, it creates all new problems. This problem would be almost nonexistent if people did what they were supposed to. Don't have sex with someone that you wouldn't want a child with because there is always a chance of pregnancy. I realize that some people like to sleep around, but it is always best to choose your partners wisely. Use birth control and plenty of it. If you take pills or get the shot, great, but make him wear a condom too. Set a reminder to make sure you never forget to take a pill or miss your appointment for your next shot, or use an IUD. If you know for certain that you never want kids, get sterilized and your spouse should do it as well if you are married and you are both on the same page. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't hurt to still use condoms. You should be taking every precaution if you are sexually active and do not want a child. If you are being careless, you are part of the problem. Abortion is not birth control. Yes, sometimes pregnancy occurs anyway, no matter how careful you are, but this would be a pretty minimal issue if everyone was really as careful as they should be. There are so many things that people can do to reduce the number of abortions. Even if you don't agree that it is immoral, I'm sure no one is happy about it, and I'm sure most women who have had one would've preferred to not become pregnant in the first place. No matter how you look at it, it is an issue that should be taken seriously, and you should not be having sex if you can not be responsible. If you do become pregnant, at the very least please consider choosing life. Adoption is always an option, and yes our adoption system needs a lot of work, but at least you will be giving your child a chance. Even if they end up with a terrible childhood in foster care, I've seen plenty of people who grew up in bad situations rise above it and become happy, productive adults. Being a parent is always an option as well. Your life isn't over when you have a child. You just start a new chapter. Yes it is hard if you're not financially stable, but children can bring an immeasurable amount of joy to your life. It is your choice, but no one should choose abortion without at least considering the other options.

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