Abortions in the US

Women in Arkansas have to get their partner’s permission to get abortions, even after rapes... Here are the states with the strictest abortion laws.

07/12/2017 8:30 PM
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  • Kayla D.
    07/12/2017 21:05

    So in the end it has to be the man's choice? Are you kidding me..

  • Nazir N.
    07/12/2017 21:21

    Even after rapes.......stupid.

  • Asad K.
    07/12/2017 21:24

    It is fair law because women do abortion because they do not want the responsibility of raising a child so if their partner wants to take the responsibility then she does not have to worry about anything and no need for abortion. This is my opinion in normal relationship not in case of rape.

  • Reina L.
    07/12/2017 21:32

    I think it's fair EXCEPT I think when it comes to rape or abuse that responsibility should be put on a psychologist or something like that... why tear relationships apart like that?

  • Painu V.
    07/12/2017 21:33

    What is truly sick with your disgusting abortion laws is that it is legal to perform an abortion AFTER the child is born and kill it. You've got some fucked up abortion laws allright, you're sick.

  • Cheryl H.
    07/12/2017 21:38

    We each will answer to Our heavenly Father. We need to Do what He says, His Ways are Higher and are what is best for us. Because of who He Is and His word tells us the Truth.

  • Cheryl H.
    07/12/2017 21:38

    We each will answer to Our heavenly Father. We need to Do what He says, His Ways are Higher and are what is best for us. Because of who He Is and His word tells us the Truth.

  • Michaell R.
    07/12/2017 21:39

    I think the man should have something to say. If she wants an abortion and he dosent, he should be able to keep the child. She shouldnt be forced to pay childsupport. If he wants an abortion and she dosent, he shouldnt have to pay childsupport. In the case of rape... the women should be able to get an abortion, no questions asked. Dont defile the genepool with scum

  • Keegan B.
    07/12/2017 21:46

    Tough law. saying that a rape daddy gets to have a say in abortion is fucking insanity. but to say that the father has NO say in whether his child lives or dies is JUST AS insane. I think maybe the easiest thing to do is compromise. only lawfully wedded fathers get to have a say in the baby's abortion by law. Now that doesn't mean unwed couples can't decide the baby's fate together rather than only one of their feelings being considered. but only in the case of marriage does the father's choice hold up in court. seriously though rape babys?

  • Erika Z.
    07/12/2017 21:47

    So glad I live in California. We have so much more freedom than other states.

  • Michaela L.
    07/12/2017 22:07


  • Erin M.
    07/12/2017 22:08

    It is a states prerogative to choose laws that suit the majority of their population, hence state laws. People are ENTITLED to their opinion on this topic and a state should acknowledge a MAJORITY of their population. If someone doesn't like it they can move to state they prefer. This is cooking from a pro choice person so no need for lecturing people.

  • Corey W.
    07/12/2017 22:16

    Arkansas in regards to women's rights is a monstrosity of a state backwards in its thinking and on the wrong side of history. It is beyond horrific to force a woman that has already been traumatized by the act of her rapist to have to than turn around and get the permission of her attacker to abort a baby she didn't ask for. It is cruel and it punishes the woman for being a victim. It sends a message that if you're a woman your rights take backseat to that of man. That is not an example one wants to sets for young women and encourages more attacks.

  • Cheryl H.
    07/12/2017 22:17

    ask Him if He is real or Not! Tell Him what kind of sign would prove to You He is real. See what happens. Have a Great Day.

  • Emanuel T.
    07/12/2017 22:17

    Girls or women??

  • Rudy A.
    07/12/2017 22:24

    I wonder what my name will be in the Republic of Gilead...

  • Ashley P.
    07/12/2017 22:31

    I DON'T agree with abortion at all, but for women that do have abortions I think this bill is reasonable except for it including RAPE AND ABUSE....

  • Carolyn R.
    07/12/2017 22:49

    And so the coat hanger abortions begin again because people think a fetus is the same thing as a baby.

  • Cami M.
    07/12/2017 22:50

    First of all, bitches Rapist and victim is not a mother fucking partnership

  • Mesha S.
    07/12/2017 23:29

    They should... But not with rape. It's his baby too. If women can decide to terminate a pregnancy without her mate's consent, he should be allowed to walk away with no support if she decides to keep a baby he doesn't want. Period.