• Debbie S.
    07/10/2017 19:31

    This is great news. Two of my grandkids have OD on H. So glad they lived but was close.

  • Nelson V.
    07/10/2017 01:42

    The amount of ignorance in the comments is mind numbing.

  • Grant L.
    07/09/2017 05:10

    Anti heroin vaccine? Probably made by the GOP and kills you if you smell an opiate.

  • Draven L.
    07/08/2017 21:28

    Elexus Crystal Rain Fangsrud

  • Wendy P.
    07/08/2017 20:04

    as a person with pain, this terrifies me, I see the use, but it needs to be given only with someones complete consent, understanding all of the consequences and preferably already on short acting narcan so they know what they're getting into.

  • Ross H.
    07/08/2017 12:32

    I thought the cure was iboga...

  • Cassandra Z.
    07/08/2017 00:39

    They're gonna kill that man

  • Rob G.
    07/07/2017 23:59

    "What do you do for work" * don't say get monkeys high* * don't say get monkeys high* * don't say get monkeys high* "I'm an experimental pharmaceutical scientist" *nailed it*

  • Krystyl B.
    07/07/2017 23:25


  • Marvin W.
    07/07/2017 23:21

    Damn, wish they would've figured this out before I lost family to it.

  • Luna C.
    07/07/2017 22:44

    its ware u live Uncle

  • Molly H.
    07/07/2017 22:13

    Their vaccine sounds almost like vivetrol

  • Solomon O.
    07/07/2017 21:36

    On another note, a cure and a vaccine are two different things...

  • Solomon O.
    07/07/2017 21:36

    How can you cure something thats already created by a plant? If anything it's an antidote.

  • Jack B.
    07/07/2017 21:31

    wow talk about a trigger....

  • Michelle K.
    07/07/2017 21:03


  • Christopher B.
    07/07/2017 20:31

    Black people kills each other..... Cop kills black person.. racism. Hands up don't shoot. BLM. Lmao goes both ways.

  • Dallas D.
    07/07/2017 19:58


  • Brii J.
    07/07/2017 19:01

    Don't they have this? It's called vivitrol

  • Raymond L.
    07/07/2017 18:50

    Until you get into a accident and they go to give you pain meds and they won't work and your stuck in miserable pain

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