• Damien F.
    07/07/2017 00:47

    Big Pharma created heroin 100 odd years ago and now they have the cure? lol

  • Alicia O.
    07/07/2017 01:21

    It'll likely be too expensive for the people who actually need it. 😑

  • Isaac D.
    07/07/2017 02:11

    Just contaminate heroin with this vaccine and sell it to drug addicts, they wont even know what hit them

  • Anjali J.
    07/07/2017 02:14

    Poor monkeys...

  • Shane W.
    07/07/2017 02:30

    Theyre just gonna make it illegal

  • Josh V.
    07/07/2017 03:01

    At the very low price of 1M dollars

  • CJ R.
    07/07/2017 03:19

    More government controlled heroin...oh wait all heroin is government controlled. Ever since we went to war in Afghanistan the Us government has been bringing it into this country and distributing it just like they did after Panama with cocaine.

  • Marilyn J.
    07/07/2017 03:19

    Tested on monkeys and people are ignoring that statement? -__-

  • Melissa P.
    07/07/2017 03:39

    So you Give Monkeys heroin then try this vaccine... How inhumane. Monkeys are very intelligent animals and should not be used in science... look at ape island where lots of them ended up because of science

  • Amber V.
    07/07/2017 04:04

    I work for scripps but not that specific location

  • Kathryn C.
    07/07/2017 04:05

    Fucking Science. . .Always such buzz killers. . .Disproving fairy tales, and now, ruining people's high. . .I just can't condone it this time science. 😂

  • Ryan D.
    07/07/2017 04:52

    Vaccine for a drug?? But not one for cancer & hiv yet?! 🤔

  • Luis N.
    07/07/2017 05:15

    So they get monkeys high on heroin and then test it?

  • Sam W.
    07/07/2017 05:26

    Showing the DMT scene in Enter the Void, while discussing Heroin?

  • Tasha M.
    07/07/2017 05:30

    They need to do that for alcoholics

  • Cesar Y.
    07/07/2017 05:39

    you'll be saved bro

  • Sharay N.
    07/07/2017 07:57

    Wait what!!!! But no cure for cancer!! Wth

  • Christina R.
    07/07/2017 09:27

    can they really do this?

  • Tristan S.
    07/07/2017 10:46

    They could've made the same thing for the crack epidemic but... 😐🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Stephanie E.
    07/07/2017 10:54

    Isn't this basically what Vivitrol already is???