Art that shows what schizophrenia feels like

"Schizophrenia feels like there's always a ghost around you." Schizophrenia is one of the most stigmatized mental illnesses. Here's how artist and animator @xoradmagical is helping people understand the disorder ...

01/10/2022 12:52 PMupdated: 01/10/2022 12:53 PM


  • Jennifer E.
    3 hours

    Where can I buy your art?! Just amazing!!

  • Danton L.
    3 hours

  • Danton L.
    3 hours

    I remember reading an article called what a shaman sees in a mental hospital. In Africa when a person shows signs of what we would call schizophrenia they call it "the birth of a healer". Now I'm not saying he doesn't have a disorder, but what they're saying is that these people might actually be tapping into something that is unseen in everyday life. In the villages where people have schizophrenia not only are they healed of their "condition", but they actually go on to heal others. Maybe we could learn something from them. And maybe it's source is something that we know nothing about.

  • Sharon L.
    3 hours

    My sister & many very intelligent people I no have schizophrenia, it's narrowminded people who have NO IDEA of the kinds of pple who are affected by it. How these pple cope with what can be a debilitating illness is amazing, it takes alot to cope when days are dark. & this young man has made a great life for himself educating & helping others.

  • Brent L.
    6 hours

    you're awesome man. and ty.

  • Iona F.
    6 hours

    Holy smokes this is basically what demons look like when they reveal themselves to me! People have no idea whats really going on!

  • Ken M.
    6 hours

    Dated someone with this disease. Woke up with a knife to my throat cause he thought I had talked to someone about this situation. I hadn't. Moved out that morning. He didn't do well after that. Mental hospital, died from smoking 4-5 packs a day. Sad experience.

  • Honey E.
    8 hours

    maybe introduce Issac to this to help him when he has his episodes đŸ„° such talent & creativity

  • Helen G.
    9 hours

    He’s pure talent to draw like that

  • Lauren X.
    10 hours

    I do some of this đŸ€•

  • Thomas K.
    10 hours

    Christopher I have been had schizophrenia since I was 13 years old I am 61 years old I have not seen ghost I believe that you are making some s*** up to get some funds from some people on some GoFundMe s*** stop playing with people that have schizophrenia and I've been on dilantins and all the rest of that mess that they give you so bro you're making some stuff up people that have schizophrenia we don't walk around seeing ghosts we hear voices we become angry we become agitated and we will respond out of those emotions but we don't walk around seeing ghost man you raking that s*** up

  • Bella L.
    11 hours

    modern medical call it schizophrenic ,for me i do believe sometimes high frequency energy can see n detect real creatures and ppl from different dimensions, things we live with but can’t see unless we die n became one of them . because one time a cousin from my dad side used to come over n one day he was having a cup of tea n suddenly he stated panicking n smashing his head on the wall ,blood was all over the area we thought he got crazy !! so he was screaming that he can see all his kids 3 kids n wife are burning a life n he can see their faces they’re screaming for help but they’re stuck in a big fire,so he asked my parents to give him a ride to the shelter they stayed at ,n a breaking news come on tv that this specific shelter has been target by a boom n everyone in it is dead in fire doors won’t open due to the extreme heat .so

  • Steven G.
    12 hours

    check this out bub

  • Prerana S.
    13 hours

    Whoa, I never imagined this is what it is. Really brave of him that he tries to make people understand what a schizophrenic person goes through when he is himself dealing with that everyday.

  • Lala R.
    13 hours

    I Wish I Could Have That Too.

  • Taylor B.
    13 hours


  • Ayeeshah R.
    13 hours

    Audhu billah 😳

  • Natalie Z.
    13 hours

    Loved that last piece

  • Ann M.
    14 hours

    remind me to tell yu about this

  • Jeff J.
    15 hours

    Brilliant 👏idea, and best of luck with your ailments

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