Autistic Nurse For Vaccinations

She's a nurse, she's autistic — and she wants the world to know that vaccinations don't cause autism.

09/02/2018 5:01 PM
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  • Sophie E.
    09/02/2018 17:14

    ta règle de 3 min là c’est qqchose. Bref suis aussi le sujet 😉

  • Shelley P.
    09/02/2018 20:22

    Isn't there a possibility that although the MMR by itself, is relatively safe - the bombardment of other vaccinations at the same time, are (for some) not. The child has an immature nervous system, isn't it possible that too many dead viruses (which, when live, seriously effect the nervous system) - might just actually alter a budding nervous system negatively? Vaccinations are needed...but why not space them out more?

  • Christopher J.
    09/02/2018 20:26

    brokeback mountain 2?

  • Cat G.
    09/02/2018 22:02

    I know you were wondering about vaccines. I’m not sure if your concern is autism or not but figured you might find this interesting.

  • Ian W.
    09/02/2018 23:31

    Yes it's an opinion

  • RhiAnna M.
    09/02/2018 23:40

    It’s called the government trying to keep the population under control that’s why they start these fights between vaccinating and not vaccinating

  • Tiffany H.
    09/03/2018 01:35

  • Malachite C.
    09/03/2018 01:51

    Victor Benitez

  • Steve W.
    09/03/2018 02:03

    Sounds more like a paranoid conspiracy theorist to me...

  • Lissa H.
    09/03/2018 02:15

    She doesn’t know that..... but I’ve seen babies get deathly ill after getting two three or four shots at one time

  • Jan A.
    09/03/2018 04:12

    When was autism finally recognized. Was it observed or known of before vaccinations were put in place.

  • Michael G.
    09/03/2018 04:46

    I guess it all started like a rumor, like a gossip, "Vaccines cause autism". Couple of year later here we are, now we got a herd of these anti-vax people.

  • Eric L.
    09/03/2018 05:12

    Nice disguise Jim Ross but you're not fooling anyone

  • Mary A.
    09/03/2018 05:17

    Very sensitive subject I'm not saying that a child should get all of the recommended vaccines because I don't believe they're all necessary and you don't have to give them all in a big chunk you can separate them out with long periods of time in between if you feel hesitant about them but I feel people who just automatically don't vaccinate because they believe they cause autism or putting other people and children in jeopardy

  • Mary E.
    09/03/2018 11:36

    you better get an extra shot, can’t have you dying

  • Hooigan R.
    09/03/2018 12:23

    It does cause autism

  • Dana L.
    09/03/2018 12:40

    I have a son with autism.. I have all four of my children up to date of vaccine. I believe that autism is something your born with , as it is a special gift... .

  • Anderson B.
    09/03/2018 13:22

    Vaccinnes do ot cause autism. Autism is recognized as children get older with developmental delays and this is something you are born with and has no correlation to vaccines. Fact. You are an irresponsible parent if you believe all the fantasy "science" that seems to prove a correlation and do not get your child vaccinated.

  • Brian J.
    09/03/2018 16:27

    I never found that the study was fraudalent but more that it was picked apart for some reason or another. Whether we admit it or somewhere in these vaccines their is a probkem happening to a large amount of kids

  • Brian J.
    09/03/2018 16:34

    A d just like the flu shot. That shot is pointless and a scam. There are 1000s of strains of the flu virus and with a flu shot your only getting 1 type of strain. And most people get the flu frim taking the flu shot. Im not pro or anti vax but im for sure pro cautious