• Eric L.
    10/28/2018 21:46

    I aint taking medical advice from Jim Ross

  • Russel R.
    10/28/2018 15:45

    alam mo naman me, interested in mental health hehehe

  • Kate M.
    10/28/2018 13:34

    Vaccines don't cause autism and if they did, autism is much better than death. They have some potential risks but the truth is, they are much smaller than the risks of diseases coming back (and the government already has a compensation program for those who have problems, not to mention doctors won't vaccinate if there is a valid medical reason not to). I for one prefer to live in a civilized world where children overwhelmingly live to be adults. So, please, vaccinate your kids.

  • Sondra S.
    10/28/2018 05:46

    There are a gazillion reasons why parents don't vaccinate. Autism was so 10 years ago.

  • Berta O.
    10/28/2018 04:49

    Says the one who wants to keep her job. Had a grandchild go through serious breathing and health issues right after immunization shot. The Dr. Is the wheel and you supply him and big pharmaceutical's grease to keep this mess rolling.

  • Michal R.
    10/28/2018 02:38

    ‘One conversation in Atlanta’ YouTube.