Couple details late-term abortion

"I don't feel like we had a choice." This couple explains why they proceeded with the heartbreaking decision to get a late-term abortion.

05/16/2019 1:58 PMupdated: 08/07/2020 8:48 AM


  • Michael W.
    07/24/2021 21:10

    great, now lets talk about the thousands of girls/women who get abortions just to not have a child or to not upset the family, personally know 3 in this small town i live in who have had one simply to not get parents upset. this video does not cover the typical person getting an abortion

  • Anita L.
    07/23/2021 10:57

    I know so many appreciate you sharing your experience AND fighting for the right to abort a non-thriving life. I applaud you two 👏🏾

  • Lynda H.
    07/22/2021 22:59

    This is exactly why abortion needs to be kept legal, and why gov. at any level should have NOTHING WHATEVER to decide about it! So-called "pro-life" people are always gaslighting that women just don't want to bother having a baby. That's hardly ever the reason! always these heartbreaking medical situations, is the norm.

  • Armon J.
    07/22/2021 22:48

    A tough personal decision between you and your health care team.

  • Roseann S.
    07/22/2021 22:46

    you are brave and courageous couple. thank you for sharing. your story shows why these decisions about terminating a pregnancy need to be left to the doctor and the patient. How terribly agonizing it must have been for you. thank you for being brave enough to share so others might learn.

  • Jenny L.
    07/22/2021 21:00

    This is termination of the unviable . This is not just killing a perfectly healthy baby. There are circumstances where it will always be an option. This is one of them. Why did you wait so long ?

  • Aqeel Q.
    07/22/2021 21:00

    God bless

  • Marianne S.
    07/22/2021 20:13

    What a terrible situation to be in

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