Dangers of E-cigarettes

E-cigs are more than a fad, but some young people are unaware of the addiction they're signing up for. These users are sounding the alarm.

All about prevention

It looks harmless. But it’s packed with nicotine and other harmful products. Nearly 2/3 of young Juul users don’t know that. Now, this freshman student is sounding the alarms according to the Truth initiative. 3 million American teens are using e-cigarettes, because they think it’s healthier than smoking based on a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Many kids think that these e-cigarettes have just water vapor when, in reality, it sees infinitesimally small metal particulates. Once you start to juul, it's very very hard to stop. We felt that it was important to educate teenagers on exactly what's going into these e-cigarettes. There's a huge massive disinformation that teenagers are subscribing to. Like cigarettes, juuling can lead to tobacco addiction. Some of my friends have tried using cigarettes and it’s because they have been juuling because they’re so used to juuling that they just think it’s ok to use cigarettes. If you take away those flavors, then you really take away the initiation. And that's all about prevention. And that's really what we're all about at Students Against Nicotine. We're connecting with passionate youth across the nation, and like-minded organizations to advance our initiative and our vision of a tobacco-free youth population. There have been deaths and there have been a lot of other problems. People think it’s an easy solution to cigarettes, but it’s turned out that it has its own difficulties,” explains Jack Solomon.

The expression “juuling” comes from the Juul — a popular vaping device. Jack Waxman produced Juulers against Juul — to spread awareness. His goal: subject e-cigarettes to the same rules as Cigarettes — and ban flavors. At least six people have died from vaping-related lung disease. On September 11, 2019, President Trump announced that the FDA would remove non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes from the market.


09/23/2018 9:01 PMupdated: 09/12/2019 8:14 PM
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  • Edina J.
    09/12/2019 19:13

    Dan e

  • Brut
    09/12/2019 19:26

    Here's what we know about the recent deaths that have been linked to vaping:

  • Isaiah E.
    09/12/2019 19:26

    Omg 6 people! Whatever will we do!!! Let's ban vaping. That's a good choice, but we wont do anything about cigarettes. Which kill waaaaaayyyyyy more....🙄🙄🙄

  • Jennifer A.
    09/12/2019 19:26

    "More than half of young users don't know this." What are they, blind? It says in huge letters on the packages that they have nicotine in them. Not to mention that nicotine products are illegal for those under 18, or even 21 in some states. So these kids are getting products illegally, which is the actual issue.

  • Alex E.
    09/12/2019 19:34

    Who cares lol cigarettes kill more people

  • Michele V.
    09/12/2019 19:46

    Wow. So these children think: I've heard of water vapor. Vaping must mean inhaling water vapor. Why would they try to stop me from buying water just because it comes with a headrush (never thinking its the chemical additives that cause that and never considering other molecular issues that come with unregulated manufacturing of these devices and their components: *and so buys illegal vaping supplies on the street from a shady guy on the corner and dies from inhaling tiny lung bullets.* That's a shame.

  • Claire M.
    09/12/2019 19:54

    If we could truely have a cigarette and vape free generation we could in theory do away with the entire industry, which is what we need to do. People usually get hooked as teens or pre-teens. That needs to stop. Vape companies are trying to hook kids now so they can become the new industry and keep making money. Future illnesses will need to be paid for by taxpayer money, so all these products need to go.

  • Richard M.
    09/12/2019 20:38

    I understand that those deaths and injuries are from knock off and illegal vapes and cartridges.

  • Paul M.
    09/12/2019 20:47

    Even you guys are in this smh. unfollowing

  • Char N.
    09/12/2019 21:00

    Why teens vaping in the first place?

  • Brian B.
    09/12/2019 21:41

    PROPAGANDA! Do your own research and critical thinking people.

  • Eric L.
    09/12/2019 21:51

    "Someone didn't source their products properly, got some bad/counterfeit products and got hurt so instead of taking personal accountability or going after the entity making the counterfeits, let's blame the product itself" 🤡

  • Alvin S.
    09/12/2019 22:23

  • Joanna M.
    09/12/2019 23:26

    What if we regulated guns instead?

  • Marci L.
    09/12/2019 23:31

    te me vas a morir.

  • Frank L.
    09/12/2019 23:35

    They are packed with nicotine?! No way

  • Siul Z.
    09/13/2019 00:03


  • Diana P.
    09/13/2019 00:05

    lawen me yan

  • Pierre M.
    09/13/2019 00:10

    Three million use them and 6 people are dead! If that's the proportion to ban things, what will happen with cars, showers, stairs? Will a freshman make a video warning people about those?

  • Sunshine M.
    09/13/2019 00:51

    All the "Kyle types": "tHiS iS pRoPaGaNdA dO yOuR rEsEaRcH iTs A cOnSpIrAcY bAn GuNs AnD cIgArEtTeS iNsTeAd We ArE bEiNG tArGeTeD"