• Nevin S.
    09/19/2019 22:55

    you leftards cheer on abortion and then gush over this- you are fools

  • Alaa M.
    09/19/2019 14:23

    What I like about this story the most is that dolls are used to make the young girl feels more confident, instead of the stupidly typical role of dolls to make girls only hope for getting married and having kids otherwise they SHOULD feel irrelevant and not good enough... Love💜

  • Rachael B.
    01/18/2019 19:30


  • Sunny G.
    01/08/2019 09:07

    Humme kya hum toh CHAMCHE hai😂😂

  • Nogueira G.
    12/31/2018 22:55

    Beautiful 💗 💗 💗

  • Rafi S.
    12/31/2018 16:43


  • Chris O.
    12/31/2018 01:20

    I understand how this little girl feels about her scar I have the same scar right down the middle of my chest and I've always been self cautious about my scar I don't like seeing it I don't like the fact it's there.

  • David J.
    12/30/2018 21:05

    AGH here in Pittsburgh did this for my son when he had several operations when he was younger almost 30yrs ago.

  • أم ح.
    12/30/2018 17:38

    رفع معنويات وثقه اه ع الفهم

  • Mustafa E.
    12/30/2018 17:14

    أحبك صغيرتي ♡

  • Hayder K.
    12/30/2018 15:42

    هل اعطيتم العرب (المسلمين)كل الطواؤف شيء من الانسانية

  • Widodo Y.
    12/30/2018 12:52

    I love you....???

  • Tracy C.
    09/21/2018 20:55

    one for the princess xx

  • Vanessa C.
    09/18/2018 17:09

    Karen Samberg

  • Jade R.
    09/17/2018 21:11

    Does anyone know where i can get one of these dolls? My little girl is 3 and has already had 3 heart surgeries, 2 of which were open chest. She would love love one of these dolls x

  • Tanya R.
    09/17/2018 20:52

    how cute is there 😍

  • Natalie F.
    09/17/2018 20:15

    such an amazing idea

  • Millie I.
    09/17/2018 16:10

    how sweet is this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tilly A.
    09/17/2018 14:34

    !!!!! This is the best!!!! X

  • Kallum P.
    09/16/2018 21:32

    need one for Chloe

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