Health care workers mistreated amid Covid-19 crisis

They're being mugged, assaulted and told to move away... This is what health care workers are facing with the coronavirus crisis around the world.

04/03/2020 7:02 PM


  • Safa A.
    04/13/2020 22:48

    using inflammatory language and images trying so desperately to portray muslims as the problem and not the rightwing hate filled systemic attack on the minority again and again brut india using hate propaganda to demonize a group based on there religion like nazi Germany.

  • Heather S.
    04/11/2020 22:54

    Put healthcare workers in empty hotels

  • Tseyang R.
    04/07/2020 17:23

    Grow up you ppl , for heavens sake 😡😡

  • Simon N.
    04/07/2020 08:24

    around the world everybody is thankful with them an clapping every day to their efforts. To attack them is only in India. Shameful and suicidal

  • Ayush B.
    04/07/2020 06:38

  • Brut India
    04/07/2020 06:15

    This doctor in Nashik was attacked for allegedly neglecting his duties towards a Covid-19 patient:

  • Faruq M.
    04/07/2020 06:14

    To thaaliya kyu baja rhe the phir?

  • Laurence C.
    04/07/2020 04:48

    Whoever harrass nurses and doctors are short sighted idiots. They should be blacklisted from hospitals and "save their health" by their own.

  • Harsh S.
    04/07/2020 02:59

    Gov is arranging hotels for all the medical staff in India

  • John G.
    04/07/2020 00:25

    I pray every day God help us with good news we are you children God figvining us you people 🌏

  • John G.
    04/07/2020 00:17

    God's bless them the doctor of hamant around the 🌏🤲🤲🤲🤲♥️

  • Yada G.
    04/06/2020 23:02

    Don't generalize fucking non local media Brut. You just supporting minority agenda here... Since Muslims attacked doctors, hence you came up with this video.... You can't decide our common sense, bharatiya society is good for good ppl and bad for bad ppl...

  • Rakesh P.
    04/06/2020 19:11

    Pathhar maar na band kardo bass aadha maslaa khatam.. jab padh likhe muslim Tablighi jamaat ki galti ko pardaa daalte hein, main phir bhi kejriwal govt ki galti maan ta hun, jab crpf jawaan mare koi bhi muslim pakistan ke khilaf kuch nahi bola, koi post nahi koi share nahi kuchh bhi nahi, jab india ko support karne ka time aata he to Islam ke pichhe kyun chhup jaate ho, yahaan pe makaaan to tumhara bhi hey, bomb giregaa toh puchh ke nahi girega, samjhe ki nahi bhaai ji

  • Wakeel D.
    04/06/2020 18:56

    Facts and safety measures regarding Coronavirus. Follow the link

  • Seema P.
    04/06/2020 18:27

    😔 The saviours r being targeted. Where r we heading towards.?

  • Shampa B.
    04/06/2020 17:31

    Those morons should be prosecuted for harrassing the medical professionals.. This is obnoxious.

  • Adarsh K.
    04/06/2020 15:57

    Oh wow no one commented brut only posts negetive news. Waiting for that bhakt. Please comment fast.

  • Yougander R.
    04/06/2020 15:24

    Those creating this harassment to doctors nurses and other health care workers would beg to be treated and touched and healed when they or their family members fall sick .so shameful behaviour they need to use their commonsense than emotions .

  • Javed W.
    04/06/2020 14:26

    Do godhi media highlight this,?

  • Balu B.
    04/06/2020 14:14

    So true

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