• Kimetha H.
    06/28/2017 16:10


  • Erin M.
    06/28/2017 15:50

    Then why do so many people come to America for treatment?

  • Seth L.
    06/28/2017 15:13

    Meanwhile our defense budget is still ridiculously large and yet I STILL don't see anything to show for it...

  • Ahmad K.
    06/28/2017 14:50

    This is so frustrating and troublesome

  • Robie S.
    06/28/2017 14:50

    Capitalism in America where they have to make a profit off your suffering

  • Efrain R.
    06/28/2017 14:13

    Ya dont get tired of politics like stop posting this crap who cares

  • Tori S.
    06/28/2017 12:57

    It's not the service of our health care, it not how the surgeons perform or that the nurses do a bad job it's the cost of it. America is 10X more expensive then anywhere else, and even when insurance helps pay, you still looking at paying a couple a $100

  • Michael J.
    06/28/2017 12:39

    What kind of comparison? Compare by cost to tax payers and before Obamacare we were first. Blame the new last place to Obama

  • Sen K.
    06/28/2017 10:30

    I hear from people that "Healthcare is a commodity" "let the free market rule, set the prices, and every man, woman, and child for themselves." The only problem is that the "free market" lives in a world governed by laws that are written by people that are out to exploit other people. So you can't design a system that charges $2000 for a monthly dose of medicine that would cost that person only $20 somewhere else in the world and then tell that person to go screw themselves or move out of the country if they don't like it!

  • Jo W.
    06/28/2017 09:58

    And it will remain that way because there's no money for the fat boys on the hill in making sure people have healthcare coverage. Little do they know what would make america great again is to have a healthy happy working force and healthy happy well paid employed consumers.

  • Jayla G.
    06/28/2017 05:54

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  • Jeremy W.
    06/28/2017 05:31

    And Bernie ranks first in corrupt bank fraud while under investigation by the FBI... Fucking commie scumbag.

  • Steven M.
    06/28/2017 05:18

    Keyword is "affordable"

  • John S.
    06/28/2017 04:34

    It's funny how you quote Bernie when he's being investigated for bank fraud 😂

  • Phil S.
    06/28/2017 04:19

    How's the investigation goin' Bern? You two holding up ok? Best regards to the Mrs. 😝😂

  • Zac C.
    06/28/2017 03:19

    Hey isn't this the guy under FBI investigation for bank fraud?

  • Alex S.
    06/28/2017 03:10

    Maybe the government doesn't want you to be healthy., call me crazy but I'm pretty sure this is good business for the pharmaceutical companies

  • David C.
    06/28/2017 02:43

    Were also leading on obesity. Maybe we should look at that issue to lower healthcare costs.

  • Reinaldo C.
    06/28/2017 02:29

    Because insurance companies are crooks just like the Dems and Republicans , neither care about us it's all money!

  • Hakiim R.
    06/28/2017 02:19

    At least it was a shot in the dark at "health care". It beats kicking millions of people out to the wolves!🤔

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