Healthcare around the world

Even under Obamacare, the US ranks last in healthcare compared to other wealthy countries...

06/27/2017 1:00 PM
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  • Chris H.
    06/27/2017 16:49


  • Casey C.
    06/27/2017 16:54

    Try busting up the insurance company/health care provider monopolies. Fkn duh. But then we would be able to afford health care without ins so there goes the kickbacks. "Thatll never work"

  • Randy V.
    06/27/2017 16:54

    How do they figure that? If it's bad why do wealthy Canadians come here when they need surgery? It's easy to say no one goes without insurance when you force and steal their money. The free market ALWAYS is a better solution!!!!!

  • Chandler O.
    06/27/2017 17:45

    Exactly. The only thing stopping it are rednecks and uneducated hillbillies. Pretty sure it'll be soon though when the baby boomers are gone.

  • Jon G.
    06/27/2017 18:04

    The American healthcare system is bad because government controls it. Let's try freedom in the market. It works a lot better

  • David D.
    06/27/2017 18:29

    The way they measure quality if healthcare itself is bad. One if the first measurements they use is percentage of people covered per capita. There's nothing better about dying of a simple infection in hospital in the state ward under single payer because they were understaffed.

  • Raul R.
    06/27/2017 18:48

    How are we wealthy if we are in debt?????

  • Eliezer A.
    06/27/2017 18:54

    I hate these type of news that praises free health care when those countries struggle to give their tax paying citizens proper care. 🤦‍♂️

  • Susan B.
    06/27/2017 18:59

    Wealthy countries, we are 20 Trillion in debt and Bernie is saying we are a wealthy country. What a joke. We may have been before Hussein put us an extra 11 Trillion in debt in 8 short years.

  • Tobias S.
    06/27/2017 20:48

    Healthcare should not be regulated by the government. Let the I surname company's compete, and stop putting us deeper in debt. What is it 19 trillion now. Disappointed

  • Roger M.
    06/27/2017 20:55

    why do canadians come here for there treatment then??????

  • Tiffany E.
    06/27/2017 21:44

    You say 'single payer insurance', I hear 'lets give big brother more control over what I do with my body!'. Let me purchase my own insurance rather than gouge my paycheck to pay for some stripper's boob job.

  • Kyle B.
    06/27/2017 21:45

    Why is it always rightists that are in the way of progress and human decency, spewing out falsehoods and media fed talking points? Arent they the christian morality party??

  • Fabian B.
    06/27/2017 22:12

    It's not our government's healthcare policy that's the problem. Doctors charge pretty much whatever they want, machine use and lab tests, though it only cost a few bucks to actually run them, cost hundreds and thousands, medication can apparently be price gouged without limitation...the government seems to want to control what drugs you can take and whether you are allowed to see a doctor for a specific condition, but they won't put a cap on what you can be charged for it...meanwhile, they block mergers of phone companies and banks so that none of them control too much of the do you think career politicians are getting rich by just being politicians? They want us to pay more so that none of the people running things take a loss. We shouldn't have to have a government controlled "heath care system" should be the same as every other business: you don't like what they have to offer, you go elsewhere, but there's so many regulations on research and practice of alternative medicine, we either take what they give us, or we die.

  • Chance W.
    06/27/2017 22:53

    The numbers of workers are probably higher than the United States as well, respective to population differences

  • Tim S.
    06/27/2017 23:12

    Man why dont you sit down your old ass.

  • Lenin R.
    06/27/2017 23:24

  • Jeremy P.
    06/27/2017 23:26

    Cuz Obamacare was never designed to actually work and was only to pave the way to a single payer system.

  • Robert C.
    06/27/2017 23:28

    Hahaha this country isn't wealthy. We are 20 trillion in debt. I guess we have a different understanding of what wealthy is

  • David A.
    06/27/2017 23:37

    And yet the government's solution is... spend even more money on it!!! Tax the rich to pay for it!! Idiots. Healthcare is not a right, it's a commodity. Individuals work long and hard to provide such a commodity and the deserve proper compensation, not slavery. Stop thinking you can suckle on the govt's teat like an infant. The market always provides better care at a better cost because it has incentives like profits and investors. The government sucks at this.