Inside an Italian hospital overwhelmed by COVID

Meanwhile in Naples, a COVID patient dies in the ER bathroom, others are given oxygen in their cars... this is what COVID is doing to hospitals.

11/19/2020 8:04 PM


  • Alina O.
    21 hours

    All thanks to CHINA they bomb the world with the virus

  • Elizabeth G.
    a day

    OMG this is no joke take it for real dont want to end up like this poor sick people that have no reason to be in there if they would just were there mask it's just for awhile ontill you do what you have to and go home😔😔 stop being so stubborn I lost two friends family member and it's not a good feeling especially through these holidays they won't be around😞😞

  • Zachary S.
    4 days


  • Robert M.
    6 days

    Population control at its finest.

  • Noah N.
    6 days

    What's to say this person died of covid? You can't understand a word their saying. And just cause the caption says they did? You would have to be very gullible to believe what your told. Not everything out there is the truth.

  • Nanette C.
    6 days

    They never wanna feed you the positive of people surviving COVID-19 they want you to live in fear thinking that you’re not gonna live I work for the schools and I know a lot of people that got to COVID-19 and survived it

  • Lisa D.
    6 days

    This man death was caused by heart attack and not every hospital in Italy is like this...... The situation is heavy though,nothing to say about that....

  • Nathaniel S.
    6 days

    It's about time someone actually reported on this. People continue to be skeptical but it's hard to blame them when all we ever see on the news is numbers.

  • Joselynn G.
    6 days

    Mask actually make you more vulnerable to illnesses after wearing them so long your immune system depletes and the people dying of COVID had other major issues look it up they just chalk it up to COVID because they just had the illness they want you to live in fear you are easier to control that way and there won’t be a vaccine because the virus will eventually make a new strand every time ou make one so you might as well start getting your life together and eat healthy so you don’t get sick 🙄just take care of your body

  • Anupam A.
    6 days

    BRUT Journalists please investigate the cause and don't just irresponsibly circulate anything. These are getting spread to support next lockdown. 😡

  • Melvin B.
    6 days

    Show faces fake media...

  • Lane W.
    6 days

    It's a shame they don't have a cheap and plentiful cure ( hydroxycloroquine, zinc, azithromiocin) to help stop this "pandemic" that has a 98% survival rate

  • Jessica R.
    6 days

    I wonder if Gordon has seen/heard this?

  • Autumn N.
    6 days

    amooo?! Wtf. 😔

  • Brannon B.
    6 days

    Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see..

  • Quoc N.
    6 days

    Sure looks like a propaganda piece to me. Filmed on CNN’s set I’d guess. Good luck surviving the pandemic with your cotton mask. I advise you all to stay at home and breath very lightly so the coronas don’t get in.

  • Stephen B.
    6 days

    Fake you sensitive Karen liberals

  • Deepak S.
    7 days

    Even in the start of pandemic everyone were sharing picture of Italy. Due to that people was get feared instead of aware. So everyone is now much more educated about covid. You please don't try to increase fear for money making drug companies.

  • Ninad S.
    7 days

    this time it will be serious here...akki would know it better

  • Ruzwan A.
    11/24/2020 19:38

    All bullshit

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