Interview with psychiatrist Claude Virot on hypnosis

It can help someone quit smoking, treat depression, and even replace anesthesia. Here's how hypnosis has become a recognized medical tool.

02/10/2019 10:03 AM


  • Yves D.
    02/28/2019 05:59


  • Assad Q.
    02/28/2019 04:52

    French is cool

  • Raghunandanan C.
    02/27/2019 05:53

    Good pesentation.ism also a hypnotherapist.

  • Goran S.
    02/26/2019 20:59

    Is it possible to hypnose someone to BETTER learn leanguage?

  • Fiona B.
    02/25/2019 08:02

    Mind over matter definitely works if you want it to work ...the key is you are in control and you need to focus

  • Hatungimana A.
    02/25/2019 02:44

    Very interesting

  • Lomod P.
    02/23/2019 14:37

    Nicar-Marie Logroño

  • Jubilean F.
    02/23/2019 12:34

    Lorence kuya chuy kaau oh hehehe

  • Andrea A.
    02/21/2019 05:52

    esta super interesante 🤦🏼‍♀️ pero tendras que traducirlo

  • Toc C.
    02/19/2019 00:29

    Can you hypnotize me to have self control (food). I'd love that.

  • Shoaib I.
    02/15/2019 11:34

    Bilal Arif Memon dekho

  • Farah H.
    02/14/2019 00:51

    We all by nature humanity address and 're address the geuinig facts sir too hurrdel the force of healthy test jump I over the nonsense sir. Good thank you

  • Ok O.
    02/13/2019 15:59


  • Amy A.
    02/11/2019 17:22

    Very interesting

  • Savana K.
    02/10/2019 16:44

    I would hate to have a surgery and have the doctor be like “yeah so instead of anesthesia we’re gonna hypnotize you!” I’d rather have anesthesia thanks

  • Marian T.
    02/10/2019 13:09

    I had hypnosis to stop smoking, had an amazing experience like I was floating in pink and gold clouds, v.beautiful. but, after a few hours carried on smoking. Only gave up a few years later after a heart attack! That's addiction for you.

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