• Danelle H.
    01/22/2018 14:34


  • Autumn R.
    01/22/2018 06:52

    And this is why I'm scared of having kids. 😫

  • Jackie R.
    01/21/2018 23:54

    I see a lot of women here that are scared. I highly recommend the book "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer. Educate yourself. Prepare. Women are being horribly misinformed, mistreated, and mismanaged in childbirth. And it breeds fear.

  • Faith E.
    01/21/2018 15:39

    we gotta flew to California or another country

  • Raquel A.
    01/21/2018 14:54

    Texas is the highest one of all 🤭 and knowing the next will be csection scares me to have more /.\ we might just be done with these 2 😞

  • Kimberly A.
    01/21/2018 11:27

    even more of a reason to be the “ father”

  • Nicole P.
    01/21/2018 02:24

    Oh yes this is something I totally should have watched when I am due in 3 months😭

  • Noelia C.
    01/20/2018 03:13


  • Mariah G.
    01/20/2018 01:43

    Billy Garrigus I don't want to die giving birth I need to get healthy asap!

  • Anahi C.
    01/19/2018 21:49

    well that’s just what I wanted to hear..

  • Stephanie F.
    01/19/2018 21:17

    I regret watching this now Romanov Markelyon

  • Cayla O.
    01/19/2018 12:25

    lovely 😩

  • Sarah J.
    01/19/2018 12:02

    now I'm scared

  • Demetria S.
    01/19/2018 04:43

    Now I’m scared to get inseminated lmfao

  • Amanda H.
    01/19/2018 01:09

    there's that anxiety I know and love 🤦🏼‍♀️😳

  • Patricia D.
    01/18/2018 23:05

    I was about to nope out of having kids but now this just means we have to stay in California

  • Amanda A.
    01/18/2018 18:29

    Joshua Anthony Aragon 😳

  • Mar C.
    01/18/2018 15:38

    this is scary

  • Taylor A.
    01/18/2018 12:48

    I almost died because they refused to do an emergency c section when it was needed. Baby was in NICU and I went into emergency surgery after delivery

  • Allie O.
    01/18/2018 03:31

    I told my medical team something was wrong while laboring. They let me labor for 12 hours, 8 of those pushing. My daughter was caught on my pelvis; I ended up rupturing a disc and tearing a ligament. "That's just back labor," they said. 1.5 years later, 2 spinal surgeries and another coming up, that "back labor" leaves me unable to pick up my toddler and work full time. Not to mention the retained placenta I almost died from (twice) and the two emergency D&C surgeries to have it removed before I lost too much blood and became septic. This too could have been avoided had they not pulled the cord to hurry the process. Never again will I not advocate for myself and daughter because I am entrusting our lives to total strangers.