• Tammie H.
    10/24/2020 11:46

    I am speechless.leo you have the best team mate ever.for loving and allowing you to be yourself. You are cute and have beautiful personality

    02/25/2020 15:33

    Hey, this short documentary inspired us to write a song for Leo, here is the music video featuring Violet Vixen https://youtu.be/O1s1bapxWuU Thank you for making us discovering the amazing alien unicorn that is Violet.

  • Stacey ✯.
    09/09/2019 16:45

    Jazz Zo Alexander

  • MD R.
    02/26/2019 13:44


  • Holly F.
    02/06/2019 23:10

    a future winner *lip sync for your life*

  • Fernanda L.
    01/28/2019 11:35

    , Luís Fernando Jófili

  • Nathan A.
    01/27/2019 01:05

    This is disgusting.

  • Rachel G.
    01/26/2019 06:55

    obsessed lol

  • Iz K.
    01/20/2019 17:29

    Usually kids like this are sexually abused by their parents at birth. JAIL THE PEDOPHILES.

  • Iz K.
    01/20/2019 17:23

    The problem with this is that the parents do not care for the child. Kids dressing up in drag performing in gay clubs for gay men, spreading their legs in front of them, being sexually exploited for profit. WAKE UP AMERICA. Save the children. Jail these parents. Do not allow children to be sexually exploited. This is industrialized “culturally appropriated” pedophilia. We should all be ashamed for allowing this.

  • Ashley F.
    01/17/2019 06:12

    Aaron Griffith

  • Dwayne T.
    01/13/2019 05:04

    Soooooo Drag Racing turned him gay? Drag racing been gay since the 70’s. They made like 7 *furious* movies about it😑😂👌🏻

  • Nini I.
    01/12/2019 14:59

    He's very cute, i like it

  • Marie-Lou L.
    01/10/2019 03:29

    "I'm not gonna change so get used to it honey" Kélianne Legault

  • Wanda G.
    01/06/2019 16:21

    Wtf? Just not right

  • Troi W.
    01/05/2019 15:50

    My first comment was negative so i watched the video and changed my mind. I deleted my post, liked the video and think ...go for it!!!

  • Michael W.
    01/05/2019 00:50

    How sick

  • Hủ L.
    01/03/2019 05:15

    Love the sentence "I'm not gonna change so get to used it, honey" 😆 If you gonna be weird be confident 'bout it

  • Kay J.
    01/02/2019 23:38

    And this the exact reason he will be bullied in school. Mom needs beat up

  • Nina C.
    01/02/2019 22:54


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