Men and boys should talk about their body image concerns

Men and boys — talk about your body image concerns. Take it from Sheldon, who's battling an eating disorder and calling on our culture to take men's body image issues more seriously

08/17/2018 5:01 PMupdated: 02/15/2019 5:44 PM


  • Lester B.
    08/27/2018 16:51

    They are not alone? Wow half of the world is plus size

  • Rayane A.
    08/27/2018 11:13

    Who cares ?

  • Raza A.
    08/26/2018 20:07

    Arbaz Khan

  • Ariana G.
    08/24/2018 22:49

    I mean it’s okay has you feel about your body but like every there is more videos about people who are overweight that they are good about they’re bodies but I mean healthy is like eating healthy and being kind of skinny

  • Sheikh A.
    08/21/2018 18:59

    Fat body is never good.. n he is gay

  • Derek B.
    08/21/2018 01:03

    Lots of unintelligent people commenting.

  • Todd W.
    08/19/2018 12:34

    this guiy is gay

  • Eric C.
    08/18/2018 20:00

    He's deficient in micronutrients. His body is looking for them and not finding them in bread. Supplements would probably fix his problem.

  • Anthony G.
    08/18/2018 12:59

    The thing is people have different metabolic rates it doesn’t matter if you eat a lot or not enough

  • Melissa L.
    08/17/2018 22:43


  • Daniel A.
    08/17/2018 18:31

    This video just helped take a huge dump

  • Christopher J.
    08/17/2018 17:34

    It calls out the hypocrisy of the body positive movement.

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