Mom Donates Milk to Babies in Need

This mom produces A LOT of milk — so she's donating it to babies in need. Special thanks to All Natural & Good.

09/09/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Aasim W.
    09/09/2018 20:35

    ye dekh kia ho ra hai duniya mainn...

  • Andy B.
    09/09/2018 20:43

    ton rêve peut devenir réel grâce à elle 😂😂

  • Hous S.
    09/09/2018 20:45

    الحمدلله على نعمة الإسلام

  • T-max A.
    09/09/2018 20:50

    You are hoping to do good, but this in the future may cause problems because the babies who take this milk logically are considered brothers of breastfeeding and can not escape. Do you want to become a mother of a whole city?!

  • Shawal M.
    09/09/2018 20:52

    Dairy milf

  • Jolly C.
    09/09/2018 20:54

    Who knows what kind of milk is that. Is it possible for one human being breast to produce that quantity of milk ?

  • Amina N.
    09/09/2018 21:07

    In Islam if you breast feeding babies they became brothers so they are not allow to be married They became a brothers from breast feeding So thank God for Islam 😊😊

  • Saqib A.
    09/09/2018 21:14

    She can donate it to men who can drink.

  • Farha S.
    09/09/2018 21:18

    It's not weird, I know some stories were women who used to feed others babies .

  • Phyllis A.
    09/09/2018 21:46

    Why trust her body, hygiene, eating/drinking habits, overall health?

  • Ania Ł.
    09/09/2018 21:54

    Rude comments.

  • Stephanie B.
    09/09/2018 21:56

    Good for you lady...human milk...for human babies...way God intended it.....not pus milk from cows..or goats...or chemicals .........keep doing what you do....☺....

  • Stephen W.
    09/09/2018 21:57

    Sound of every breast/mom fetishist's head exploding.

  • Марлон Ф.
    09/09/2018 22:14

    Have no idea about this issue, but if good for others do it

  • Adav Z.
    09/09/2018 22:15

    Oh rather put chemicals in your baby? This is what babies are meant to eat. That's a great woman right there.

  • Sheny M.
    09/10/2018 01:30

    Thank you Thabitha and God bless you for your kindness.

  • Erryle G.
    09/10/2018 01:40

    Wonderful attitude and dervice

  • Izu N.
    09/10/2018 02:52

    People out here eating milk from a cow, a non human which the milk is meant for animals and then complain about a human feeding other humans?

  • Frances R.
    09/10/2018 02:55

    good for you.

  • Paul R.
    09/10/2018 03:03

    artificially process infant formula are made from cows milk. cows milk are for cows. its funny other people find this disgusting while their young nurses from cows milk