Pete Davidson's mental health battle

Pete Davidson's mental health journey is very raw and very public — but through comedy, he's helped de-stigmatize mental health issues.

12/20/2018 11:38 PM
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  • Hal F.
    12/20/2018 23:42

    Its all fun and games until the crash.

  • Fajaryanto S.
    12/21/2018 02:20

    You can name anything to gain attention. If he suffers, he should seek a treatment, not going to a television show and parading it around for sympathy. Look at Demi Lovato. She’s not going out there doing publicity stint craving for attention during her rehab even post rehab.

  • Paisley C.
    12/21/2018 06:38

    I'm on the Pete Davidson team. I believe he can go the distance. He has incredible talent and the saddest part is the bullying he's received by being open in an attempt to help others. He's worthy of all good things!

  • Brendan G.
    12/21/2018 12:48

    He needs to learn everyone doesn’t share his opinions and we all new the arianna thing was never going to work they are both idiots though

  • Janna J.
    12/21/2018 14:16

    Ugh. Borderline personality disorder is NOT a form of depression. 🤦‍♀️ Yes, his depression could be triggered by losing his Dad; but it takes much more than losing a parent to form a personality disorder! And yes, he could have mental illness AND a drug abuse diagnosis - one doesn't negate the other. Yay for de-stigmatizing mental illness, but don't spread misinformation!

  • Nicholas S.
    12/21/2018 15:42

    Price to join the elite. They took his dad just like kanye mother. Those elite have to do some sick ass shit to be apsrt of the club. Its not free. Look it demi lovato and katie perry.

  • Ikahn E.
    12/21/2018 17:22

    Absolutely like this kid 😁

  • Amy M.
    12/21/2018 18:36

    I am very happy to see that more and more celebrities are coming out with their diagnosis. I am a long time suffer of suicidal depression, and over the years I have found being able to talk to people about what’s wrong with me has helped tremendously. My only words to those that are supporting us; when we asked for your support all we really are saying is we just need you to listen. So just listen. Don’t give advice, don’t tell us tomorrow will be better, just be that shoulder for us to lean on.

  • Tahreem R.
    12/21/2018 21:34


  • Jose D.
    12/21/2018 23:03

    boo hoo

  • Tania S.
    12/23/2018 02:32

    Samha Abedin

  • Muhammad J.
    12/23/2018 08:21

    Borderline is a personality disorder not mental illness

  • Sally G.
    12/23/2018 21:23

  • Aya M.
    12/23/2018 21:27

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  • Nawar E.
    12/26/2018 21:32

    ناقصة زينب و يبقي احمد حسن،،،،،

  • Hassan G.
    12/26/2018 23:32

    مش ده احمد حسن😂😂

  • Ysa A.
    12/27/2018 03:51

    Shn Astly

  • Mick D.
    12/27/2018 19:52

    I’m sorry, but what’s funny about this guy?

  • Ximena B.
    12/27/2018 23:15

    lo amo

  • Beniz B.
    12/28/2018 12:52

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