Seniors Prove Age is Just a Number

These 5 seniors are probably in better shape than you. đź’Ş

Inspiring and active seniors

Age is an issue of mind over matter — these 5 seniors are living proof that you can break stereotypes, inspire and change the world at any point in life:

Julia Tourtellotte received spinal surgery at 91 years old and spent three months in recovery
to go on to clog dance again. “I wanted to be able to dance with my doctor when I recovered.”

Michel Marc flew in a paramotor for his 80th birthday. “We both know that nobody has ever done that: an 80-year-old person flying a 2-seat paramotor and running in order to take off. And let me tell you that I am 80 years and 5 months old. Because months count for a double at the end (of life). He and his son, Fabien, became the first to fly tandem across the Blériot-Plage channel. It’s an unforgettable journey. It’s unforgettable because with my age, we won’t be able to do a lot of journeys like that.”

“Warrior grandma” Meenakshi Raghavan has been teaching girls self-defense for nearly 70 years. “I started training at the age of seven years. I proved myself as a versatile performer and continued without a break. How long I will continue I do not know. But I will go on as long as my health permits.”

At 100 years old, Robert Marchand became the fastest long-distance cyclist in his age category. Then he had a 105-and-over category created just for him. “Even when you’re old, you can still achieve something. You can’t just let go. The day you sit down in your armchair and you stop moving, you’re done for. Every day, I work out a little. I train at home for about 20 minutes — every day, every day, every day, every day! I’ve been told that there is an Englishman aged 95 who is training to beat my record. If he does and I’m still alive, I’ll be applauding."

Nearly 300 women 55 years old and up applied to be on the Golden State Warriors Senior Dance Team. “I think everybody should be represented. All group ages, says Debbie Brady, 59.

Ronnie, 55 concludes, “If you keep moving, you will be able to keep moving. And you know, I met a woman earlier here today that’s 89 years old. And I respect her and bow to her.”