She's Embracing Herself and Her Scars

Her keloid scars used to leave her feeling ashamed or grotesque — but now, she's embracing herself and starting a wave of acceptance. 🙌🏾

08/03/2019 5:58 PMupdated: 08/06/2020 10:40 AM


  • Komala M.
    05/10/2019 10:12

    You are a beautiful, strong and confident woman, Sarah Fremgen, thank you for sharing your story! I am inspired by your courage and grace. Sending you heaps of love and light <3

  • Karrie A.
    05/10/2019 05:10

    Everytime you get cut doesn't mean a person that is prone to keloids will get one. Pretty much luck of the draw. Africa keloids are accepted as beauty. This country wants ppl to almost seem ashamed or embaressed.

  • Johnnie C.
    11/30/2018 14:07

    Look up celery juice it may help what you going through

  • Karim T.
    09/30/2018 16:56

    Bouncer material

  • Bishnu M.
    09/30/2018 08:58

    Sure 😚😅☺😊

  • Khushi K.
    09/29/2018 16:44


  • Rama A.
    09/29/2018 08:53


  • Rojina P.
    09/28/2018 07:54

    What is that? Which cause to start this ?

  • Wissam H.
    09/27/2018 23:07

    Traduction please

  • Fazia F.
    09/24/2018 21:55

    Moi aussi j'ai le même problème sur le dos et les épaules

  • Waseel J.
    09/24/2018 18:03

    X XnX

  • Arlene G.
    09/20/2018 13:30

    You are beautiful. My daughter keloids on her back.

  • Md M.
    09/20/2018 02:22


  • An'Rose T.
    09/19/2018 01:15

    Mam same prob natin

  • Jeanice T.
    09/18/2018 18:12

    I have also keloid between my boobs.. Why its painful sometimes?? But thanks for you to encourage me not to ashame on it..

  • Jhessy D.
    09/16/2018 00:45

    Thank u for inspiring to us about the one to su fer about keloid ..i have in my hand when im in 8 yrs my grand father put me in hospital to do operation my keloid but my keloid make more worse when me grow up..but now im not ashamed to show it.....but im proud for my self bcz im accept what im really i am....😊😊😊😊

  • Nassima K.
    09/14/2018 06:16

    These are the kind of ideas and principles we should be raising our kids on. Congratulations!

  • Puskar B.
    09/13/2018 16:31

    one of the most beautiful pepople i know you ...

  • Roma S.
    09/12/2018 19:58

    So inspiration.....

  • حسوني ا.
    09/10/2018 22:46

    هههههههه منورين شباب بس الله شاهد كلش مافمهمت 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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