Simple questions on vasectomies

Does it affect your sexual function? Is it reversible? Does it hurt? Simple questions on vasectomies answered.

11/15/2021 6:00 PM


  • Tyrone C.
    11/17/2021 01:52

    Hell no

  • Comfo T.
    11/15/2021 19:43

    Health is wealth

  • Sebastian B.
    11/15/2021 18:23

    I got one 25 years ago - it was actually pretty funny, four women busy with one's genitals :D - the surgery only lasted 20 minutes and I walked directly out of the hospital. Never had any problems with it, and actually, had a biological child anyway, concieved by biopsy (this time two women with a big syringe :D) and in-vitro fertilisation. More men should do this.

  • Brut
    11/15/2021 18:13

    Check out more details about men's health by Joshua Gonzalez MD here:

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