• Jade M.
    08/19/2017 04:16

    These police and their families need to go to therapy and have psychiatric evaluations.

  • Tj B.
    08/09/2017 21:55

    They protect the rich from the poor. That's all it is. Only cowards trade morality for a paycheck. That includes the troops. In a world dominated by a handful of rich elite, all of this bullshit needs to go. The police are finally being seen for what they are.

  • Reginald E.
    08/09/2017 21:50

    They never helped me there shouldn't even be any police officers at all.

  • Onterryio C.
    08/09/2017 21:27

    False reports wrongful arrests killing unarmed human beings power trips mainly God just won't let you get away with doing others wrong

  • Rightman A.
    08/09/2017 19:49

    First off if mfs are suicidal than why they on the force

  • Ftp Z.
    08/09/2017 19:48

    Cuz cops fake a long vaca and they corrupt

  • Matthew B.
    08/09/2017 19:37

    Good riddance.!!

  • Harlan S.
    08/09/2017 19:35

    Medical marijuana would probably solve this. But go on. Keep arresting for cannabis.

  • Rendell S.
    08/09/2017 19:24

    Guilty much

  • Ben S.
    08/09/2017 19:23

    It was I who shot the Sherrif...

  • Don L.
    08/09/2017 19:20

    Dirty cops

  • Richard R.
    08/09/2017 19:01

    That's because you struggle with doing whats right. Right side of life or the right side of the law. Sometimes that line becomes blended in with your emotions, but you know when you cross it.

  • Garrison M.
    08/09/2017 18:48

    All that guilt from fucking ppl over and not being there for their families....

  • Yarrow J.
    08/09/2017 18:12

    It's very difficult for me to feel bad about this. Exposure to violence? Lol, What about the demographics cops take an active part in oppressing. Those demographics face astronomical amounts of mental illness and trauma that NEVER gets talked about. Suicide is awful but like, 100 cops last year doesn't compare.

  • Amanda L.
    08/09/2017 18:06

    These comments talking about their mental health are way off! Most of these officers enter the profession completely sane & are overcome from years of seeing horrible tragic things that most civilians do not have to see once in a lifetime...you have no idea what it's like for them & need to keep your assumptions to yourself. Some of you are truly horrible people 😔

  • Nick S.
    08/09/2017 17:39

    Good maybe flint officers will follow suit fucking worthless bastards

  • Dan B.
    08/09/2017 17:30

    It seems like the jobs with the highest suicide rates are jobs where people sign up to do really bad immoral things. Maybe there's a link.

  • Dan B.
    08/09/2017 17:29

    Are they including the cop who shot himself, blamed non existent Mexican suspects (so people wouldn't think he was a coward) and then died?

  • Lance D.
    08/09/2017 17:17


  • Christopher J.
    08/09/2017 17:14

    And there running around with weapons that's great

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