Ted Kennedy and John McCain on healthcare

A senator coming back from cancer surgery to vote on healthcare? Ted Kennedy did it before John McCain...but not with the same results.

07/26/2017 4:10 PM
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  • JM S.
    07/26/2017 16:15


  • Steve N.
    07/26/2017 17:01

    he talks but can he walk the walk? We'll see when he votes against the most hateful, evil batch of bills ever proposed in our history. He has a choice: either be remembered as the man who stood up to a Tin Hat Dictator and his jack booted thugs, or Sarah Palin.

  • Alex S.
    07/26/2017 17:30

    It should be said that while he did vote 'aye' to begin the debate, he says that he is still a 'nay' on repealing the ACA.

  • Shane G.
    07/26/2017 17:46

    The slippery slope to communism.

  • Stella L.
    07/26/2017 17:47

    Go home already

  • Kingdom C.
    07/26/2017 18:22

    They act like John McCain is the savior to swoop in and save us all from the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse lmao. Fukkk him and the the republican party.

  • Jeremy W.
    07/26/2017 20:48

    He didnt have cancer surgery dipshits... Cancer was found during the removal of a blood clot above his eye. Day surgery! Big deal. Hes still a traitor!

  • Jeremy W.
    07/26/2017 20:51

    Obamacare is great for welfare leeches.. Just not for those who work two jobs to make ends meet. Or families where both parents have to work to survive. Christ, even chucky shoemaker can attest to that.

  • Madeleine R.
    07/26/2017 23:23

    And where is the cheering section for the female senator from Hawaii who has stage 4 cancer and still came back to work?

  • Al P.
    07/27/2017 01:08

    can i have your healthcare policy, congress made the mess not the people.

  • James E.
    07/27/2017 02:20

    People need their heath care or they need what they are going to give the people.

  • Curtis T.
    07/27/2017 06:06

    what the hell is a cancer surgery? the surgery was to remove the tumor

  • Nevin S.
    07/27/2017 09:58

    Lefty BS

  • Jason A.
    07/27/2017 18:34

    We shouldn't be bashing the few that actually resist the current GOP healthcare direction. He voted to open the debate.... hopefully it leads to bipartisanship. 🤕

  • Wes W.
    07/27/2017 18:55

    Free health care is awesome for him and his family...bit not anyone else's. Especially the poor!

  • Jesse K.
    07/27/2017 19:39

    Turns out you can be a war hero and a piece of human garbage.

  • Joshua J.
    07/27/2017 20:26

    With all due respect for Sen. McCain, but he is coming back from $72,000 of government funded care to vote for the beginning stages of taking healthcare away from 22 million fellow Americans. Why is that getting a standing ovation?

  • Kayla C.
    07/27/2017 20:36

    Can I just be the first to point out that all these government officials wants to take away our healthcare because it's too much tax dollars but all of their healthcare is free, paid for by our tax dollars. 😔😒

  • Mohammad A.
    07/27/2017 20:38

    This guy needs to retire, how much longer does he want to screw the average citizen for?

  • Michelle A.
    07/27/2017 21:12

    Better hope brain cancer isn't on the list of pre-existing conditions