• Margarita A.
    03/05/2017 06:07

    they passed it omg what

  • Tamara L.
    03/04/2017 14:33

    Women's choice

  • Kim V.
    03/04/2017 06:00

    May Day

  • Kathy B.
    03/03/2017 23:38

    Ok so what punishment does the male that raped the young teenager and got her pregnant her. What happens when a woman is forced to have a child she doesn't want and the child is abused or mistreated. What happens when a mother looses her life because she was told she couldn't get pregnant and later does. What happens when an abusive husbands forced his wife to have sex she gets pregnant and he decides he doesn't want it and beats it out of her. I don't believe in abortion not do I condone it however I don't believe that anyone has the bright to tell someone what to do with their bodies. There is a lot of bad situations this can create for many. So the woman will be forced to do something she can't and the man will just pack up and leave if he doesn't want it. Why is it women have to be told what they can or can't do with their bodies. Why isn't the man running around getting more than one person pregnant being penalized. Men aren't held liable for taking care of the children they gather by the government but woman are told they must have the child they can't afford. When does the government do justice for all regardless of ability to just give birth when will you enforce support payments to deadbeat fathers that aren't taking care of the children they already have. This country is going to help quick.

  • Gabriel D.
    03/03/2017 21:26

    To kill a human being is wrong no matter what

  • Maha Z.
    03/03/2017 19:15


  • Brittany A.
    03/03/2017 19:05

    I'm totally against abortion but if I had a child with something abnormal about he or she I would like to know. Not to abort but to prepare my life and situation for a special needs child. So I am totally against this and believe a mother has a right to know if her child will need extra care after its born.

  • Colby H.
    03/03/2017 18:57


  • Patricia Y.
    03/03/2017 18:53

    But is he also going ro pass a bill that could help the family financially? Help pay for the medical bills? Possible extra expenses such as buying a wheel chair or something? Help them make their home much more "disabled-friendly" such as expanding the doorway or maybe altering the bathroom etc? What about if its going to risk the mother's life? Im personally pro life, i understand what he's doing, but its an ignorant decision if he didn't take those into consideration. The decision to make an abortion is already a heavy burden itself. But if the family is unable to meet the necessary standard to sustain their child's life, more kids would be put up into adoption. More kids would be neglected. More innocent children might just be left to die by the dumpster. Thats not being pro life, thats just pro birth

  • Prerna H.
    03/03/2017 18:27

    What rubbish 😡

  • Kristen W.
    03/03/2017 18:11

    What if an abnormality puts the mother's life at risk! These people are insane. it's is ILLEGAL to withhold health issues as a doctor and should remain so. It's unethical and wrong.

  • Nicole L.
    03/03/2017 17:50

    Wtffffff Malachi

  • Kuro K.
    03/03/2017 17:42

    Doesn't this go against the hippocratic oath every doctor has to take? I don't understand their logic... they don't want the government involved at all when it comes to anything else (sex ed, guns, families, etc.) -- but they want to control this?

  • Jessica R.
    03/03/2017 16:57

    That is against the code of ethics and agaisnt validity and violates patients right to know!

  • Holly B.
    03/03/2017 16:50

    In no other medical situation would it be ok to withhold information from patients. This is another appealing example of the current conservative mindset taking us back to 1950 and before.

  • Iman D.
    03/03/2017 16:46

    That is so wrong

  • Shawna D.
    03/03/2017 16:36

    Thats wrong..

  • Zareé P.
    03/03/2017 16:28

    what do you think about this ?

  • Viktoriya D.
    03/03/2017 16:05

    parents should be informed if the fetus is abnormal. Maybe they cannot take care of the child or do not have the financial stability, or time dedication to take care of an a child that needs a lot more time and care.

  • Rachel E.
    03/03/2017 16:05

    this is fucking gross. 😠 be angry with me plz

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