The "Every Child is a Blessing" act just passed in Texas

Soon in Texas, doctors will be able to lie to pregnant women to stop them from aborting.

03/02/2017 7:29 PM
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  • Kurt K.
    03/02/2017 20:42

    Just want y'all to know, I'm pro-life and even I am like this is too fucked up

  • Andres B.
    03/02/2017 20:46

    Texas....the new Saudi Arabia. Women soon to have no rights over anything that has to do with their bodies. GTFO

  • Snelson D.
    03/02/2017 20:48

    Down play? Hahaha omg! I wish this guy would walk into my radiology department so we can downplay the possibility of him having a brain tumor or something else we consider to be abnormal growth. What a peace of $HIT!

  • Julio R.
    03/02/2017 20:49

    Woman of Texas please get the fuck out of that state for your own safety...these politicians are out of control, you have 49 other states to choose from where you will not be disrespected by men who have ZERO knowledge about the body of a woman.

  • Evelyn M.
    03/02/2017 21:44


  • Sheila C.
    03/02/2017 21:57

    Holy shit this is fucked up!!

  • Ashley B.
    03/02/2017 22:17


  • Chad M.
    03/02/2017 22:22

    This is so dumb. I don't know what's wrong with people these day?! It's the mothers right to know what health her baby is in. Also if something is wrong with the baby the parents need to know so they can make precautions. I don't care what you believe in, lying to a Mom about her child is fucked up.

  • Manny P.
    03/02/2017 22:23

    If a doctor ever lied to my wife about something so big...lock me up..I'll kill him

  • Phi J.
    03/02/2017 22:27

    so stupid

  • Adrien K.
    03/02/2017 22:47

    tu reconnais la salle ? 😂

  • Adrien K.
    03/02/2017 22:50

    ils sont fous 😂

  • Amanda D.
    03/02/2017 23:13


  • Augustus D.
    03/02/2017 23:20

    Don't forget...we women need men and big government to tell us what to do. The estrogen in our body acts as a barrier preventing us women from being able to think rationally and logically.

  • Adam F.
    03/02/2017 23:49

    You ok with this?

  • Ty U.
    03/03/2017 00:02

    As someone on the edge of pro life, this guy is an idiot

  • Robert F.
    03/03/2017 00:07

    But he can tell the father right? So someone with balls can make decisions right? I mean obviously not the woman... But he can tell a man? Right?

  • Jose L.
    03/03/2017 00:13

    Lying is ethical isn't it. I mean, no big deal. Hey you have stage 4 cancer, but it's no biggie, let's down play this and hope for the best.

  • Emily K.
    03/03/2017 00:25

    OMFG this is messed up Thomas Lowe

  • Lori F.
    03/03/2017 00:29

    It's all about the lawsuits. It has nothing to do with lying to a woman about her condition. Look it up.