The Global AIDS Epidemic

For nearly 40 years, the AIDS epidemic has gripped the world — and it's still killing around a million people a year.

12/13/2018 3:21 PM
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  • Brandon V.
    12/13/2018 15:23

    This virus was invented to my investigation into Egypt and the history of disease. When studying the Tuskegee Experiment made me understadn something about science. It is a controlled narrative as much as the governments want it to be.. HIV AIDS Cancer never existed during the time of Egyptian rule. Think about akaline foods think about eating healthy water no fluoride. Think about your body 24/7

  • Brut
    12/13/2018 21:18

    This condom entrepreneur was motivated by the AIDS crisis to create a condom size for everyone; watch his story:

  • Janh C.
    12/17/2018 23:07

    So kust never be gay and use condoms

  • ၫြန္႔ၫြန္႔တိုး
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  • فداء ي.
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  • Haran R.
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  • Anuraag V.
    12/18/2018 15:00

    that's why condoms are introduced 🙄🙄🙄

  • Adil A.
    12/18/2018 15:14

    لعنة الله على البشرية الضالة.. حيث يفتك الايدز ..بالكيان الانساني..ينخره الى حد النخاع.. لا الواقي الذكري ولا غيره ..حيث يتلمض الجنس..بعنجهيته..ويترنح في طرق المدينة الليلية وحشا قاتلا لا يرحم.. انه دراكولا من نوع جديد لا يبقي ولا يذر.. ابتداه الشذوذ واللواط.. ونهاية السلسلة ..زرق ابر الهيرويين والميثادون .. قصة قاتلة متوحشة ندور في مباغي لوس انجلوس ولندن وباريس والقارة السوداء.. يحرق الاخضر واليابس .. من اجل شهوة عابرة على قارعة الطريق.. وبعدها فاليكن ما يكون..

  • Kali K.
    12/18/2018 21:44

    Once you contract HIV you're an embodiment of a health threat to most. If you're in an accident and bleed , you've just exposed a community to death

  • رحمان ج.
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  • Regad S.
    12/19/2018 09:10

    ربي يعافينا إن شاء الله

  • Md M.
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  • Chinna M.
    12/19/2018 13:25

    Happy ayushumanbvamy shatimanmubavati allfamlishatimanamubavati mygodbles mukkotaekoathashe shubakankshalu omnmobagavatienarayanaynmonmho govardangiredara mygodbles wishes vijyibavva,.

  • Ejaz R.
    12/19/2018 16:10

    Thanks for sharing

  • Amir A.
    12/19/2018 21:03

    I see what you did there😶🧐🧐

  • Austin I.
    12/20/2018 04:23

    Rip freddie

  • Amir K.
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  • ابوسجا ل.
    12/20/2018 22:50

    الله شافي

  • Syed S.
    12/21/2018 04:57

    More free sex, more Aids.