• TauFan T.
    12/31/2018 10:23

    My only sympathy is only for babies n mother or father which they are not cheating in their marriage. For cheaters n gay n lesbian do repent stop n do good deeds. But if not you all can go to hell i hope more soon

  • Nissar N.
    12/31/2018 05:29

    I love your chest...........ilu

  • Mike S.
    12/31/2018 00:21

    infected are waiting and so do I.....

  • Waqar Y.
    12/31/2018 00:03

    Ree gallagher hi

  • Nouman N.
    12/30/2018 22:07

    Who's the actress at the start of the video

  • Billy S.
    12/30/2018 19:24

    I have been living with HIV here in tbe Philippines 🇵🇭 and i am not afraid of people knowing it. Im saying that I am proud of contracting HIV but I juat want to prove that I am a human being and I deserve to live the lofe that I deserve with or without HIV.

  • أمينة م.
    12/30/2018 04:01

    الزنا سبب هذا الوباء

  • Cevat B.
    12/29/2018 08:31

    If you use thought in the direction of perversion, you end up dark and dehumanize.

  • Abdelghani A.
    12/28/2018 18:05

    الاسلام هو الحل.

  • Hursit U.
    12/28/2018 11:22

    Dünyada bu kadar akıllı insanlar varken neden bunun çözümünü bulamadılar daha

  • Victoria P.
    12/28/2018 05:43

    O. M. G

  • Tufail A.
    12/28/2018 02:58

    Bill gats company and isreal medical company inject aid viruses to the whole world to make them weak and make more money..... 😡😡😡

  • Ibrahim L.
    12/27/2018 17:52

    اللهم عافينا

  • Jeff M.
    12/27/2018 15:08

    Safe Sex Save Lives!!! Prevention is far better than a cure.

  • Joseph D.
    12/26/2018 23:44

    Stupid final assertions which is full of lies...i wonder why these western wimps still continue to live in oblivion. Stating that in Africa 26 people are infected every hour is a complete lie and very fallacious.

  • Taha S.
    12/26/2018 19:23

    Simply God punish.

  • Naresh N.
    12/26/2018 14:20


  • Andreï C.
    12/26/2018 13:18

    the wrath of god

  • Saif A.
    12/26/2018 03:11

    وينك يا ود أختى ولا تعليق ده يسمو شنو

  • Aissaoui M.
    12/25/2018 07:05

    The divine punishment

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