The Opioid Epidemic Two Years Later

Meanwhile, the opioid crisis is still a massive problem across the U.S...

Are we there yet?

In October 2017, President Trump vowed to combat the opioid epidemic with all available federal resources. The crisis is characterized by the over-prescription of addictive opioid pain medication, which has led to the misuse of opioids including prescription medication, heroin, and synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Two years later, What’s happened? In the past year, Congress has allocated $3.3 billion to expedite studies of the opioid epidemic and approve Medicaid expansions in New Hampshire and Louisiana. But critics say federal efforts have been underfunded and underwhelming.

Experts say despite the $3.3 billion in funding, a number like $100 billion over 5 years is what's needed. Trump has called for the repeated repeal of Obamacare. But studies show without Obamacare, an additional 200,000 Americans with opioid use disorders would lose insurance coverage to pay for their treatments Harvard University. Combating the opioid epidemic has been a top domestic policy prioity for the administration and a focus of the first lady's Be Best campaign that has found widespread, bipartisan support. The Trump administration secured $6 billion in new funding over the next two years to combat opioid abuse. Earlier this month, HHS announced a $350 million plan to reduce opioid deaths by 40 percent in three years in certain communities.

Officials in states like Ohio, which had the second highest opioid overdose rate in 2016, said Trump’s national emergency declaration had no effect in their states. In 2018, there were over 70,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States based on a report from the CDC. Experts say a mix of funding and access for those with opioid addiction, as well as federal pressure on pharmaceutical companies, could save tens of thousands of lives over the next decade as stated in a Stanford University report.


10/06/2019 10:19 AMupdated: 10/08/2019 1:32 PM
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  • Brut
    10/05/2019 00:31

    it was almost two years ago

  • Glenn A.
    10/06/2019 10:31


  • Kevin K.
    10/06/2019 10:59

    But, but vaping.

  • Zephirum A.
    10/06/2019 11:14

    The opioid epidemic that your government started to begin with?

  • Roberto A.
    10/06/2019 12:03

    His massive stupidity is the problem not Americans

  • Braden P.
    10/06/2019 12:45

    It's ok doctors and the medical field r making all that money. We won't talk about this it's ok right?

  • Valerie F.
    10/06/2019 13:40

    And your gun problem is not a health emergency?

  • James D.
    10/06/2019 14:15

    The country would shut down if they did anything about it ! 😕

  • Mel O.
    10/06/2019 16:38

    China is doing more harm than al quida and isis combined. Stop imports of all drugs from china and you have solved 90% of the problem

  • Jackie P.
    10/06/2019 17:15

    Doctors who indiscriminately prescribed these medications are the ones that should be held accountable for this opioid crisis

  • Natasha R.
    10/06/2019 20:38

    I’m still wondering why this Is i crisis when crack was a crime both were introduced by the government 🤔

  • Brendan C.
    10/06/2019 21:03

    Gonna say what people like Trump said to African Americans addicted to crack: "Just say no"

  • Carolyn G.
    10/07/2019 00:59

    Trump sniff sniff

  • Drake H.
    10/07/2019 01:38

    it starts by decriminalizing marijuana. It's been proven that marijuana is a huge help to stepping off opioids.

  • Zafar I.
    10/07/2019 03:09


  • Carolyn L.
    10/07/2019 15:42

    Do tired of the #opoidcrosis call me insensitive but i don’t care. Not down playing death but where was the concern & compassion during the crack epidemic? This cause it to blame the doctors & pharmaceutical companies. You as a human & patient are your best advocate. If you know the side effects don’t du me go yourself go it. Crack addicted citizens should have had the same care & concern instead of crime bills & condemnation. .

  • Ernie S.
    10/07/2019 20:18


  • David V.
    10/07/2019 21:14

    Go Trump!

  • Richard G.
    10/07/2019 21:31

    What epidemic? His the epidemic this country is going through. And if he really loved this country, like he says he does, he would do the honorable thing and do what Richard Nixon did, couse atleast Richard Nixon did love his country so much , that he did the honorable thing. For his country.

  • Karen T.
    10/07/2019 23:51

    Him all his staff are taking it all fr themselves