The true story behind Netflix's "Our Father"

He was a well respected fertility doctor in Indiana ... who secretly impregnated dozens of his patients. This is the bizarre but true story of Dr. Donald Cline and his more than 90 children.

05/14/2022 1:57 PM


  • Musa I.
    9 hours

    I've watched this documentary and came to realize that some kids are just insane and don't deserve to exist in this world. A kin follow up on this documentary creates the conclusion of children asking God why they were born which is very silly of them. The only person who should appear in this documentary as a complainant is the mother not the other way round

  • K N.
    a day

    This is so sick and demonic he needs prison time a lengthy one too!!

  • Jennifer J.
    2 days

    That’s messed up!

  • Richa B.
    3 days

    Sick old man

  • Laurie S.
    3 days

    95 and counting this man is discusting...a pig

  • Jereann T.
    3 days

    the documentary

  • Ra W.
    4 days

    That dudes got some hella child support payments to catch up on . Jacoda got you in her crosshairs Dr Cline lol . 61 kids and counting . Jacoda ... punch that fool in da mouph for me when you see him next

  • Sylvia J.
    4 days

    This is sick.

  • Angelica P.
    4 days

    I saw the same story but in a European country

  • Ferenc F.
    5 days

    you could make a movie about that man.

  • Kathlyn P.
    5 days

    Leave the man alone sure some of them are happy to know who their father is.

  • Gloria W.
    5 days

    Done before but dr carried genes for eye ailment and all kids got it

  • Anita G.
    5 days


  • Lisa G.
    5 days

    Who is suffering the most, mother or the kids ? 😡

  • Jerry P.
    5 days

    Pay child support.

  • Patricia W.
    5 days

    This guy is a racist PIG! along with everyone that let him get away with this.Church my as this is a cult. He only wanted blue eyed, blonde babies to make sure his sick white race stayed white.He and others sickened me. He should have to pay child support for the 90 + babies. His wife and his other 4 children support him.Yuck!

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