The U.S. vs. Portugal: Drugs

After drug use was decriminalized in Portugal, drug-related deaths plummeted.

12/30/2017 4:17 PM
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  • John C.
    01/03/2018 15:46

    I don't care what anyone says. Making cocaine legal is a really dumb and stupid idea. I had an 18 year long cocaine addiction, and from personal experience. Legalizing hard drugs is dumb and stupid.

  • Christian W.
    01/03/2018 04:10

    Drug use decriminalised

  • Dee B.
    01/03/2018 02:53

    Americans are greedy and take too much

  • Mugen A.
    01/02/2018 23:48

    In America they have more people and take more prescription drugs.

  • Maurice J.
    01/02/2018 20:45

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  • G.M. D.
    01/02/2018 18:31

    Too many drug addicted people in America, it'll never work here.😦

  • Armani H.
    01/02/2018 17:55


  • Jared C.
    01/02/2018 06:34

    I died last week on some OG kush. Turns out once you die you wake up hungry asf

  • Baz H.
    01/02/2018 00:46

    Without people going to jail, who will be the cheap labourers? This wouldn't work in America because both prison AND health care are just things to make profit in America. Unless someone is made rich whilst others are made poorer, it's not welcome in the states.

  • Courtney F.
    01/02/2018 00:43

    no wonder the business was huge

  • Hezekiah H.
    01/02/2018 00:09

    Plus we have more people to do drugs our population is much bigger

  • Lewis W.
    01/01/2018 21:41

    exactly the point you have made me to me when we've spoken about this

  • Mandrew M.
    01/01/2018 20:09

    Why you show weed, no one has ever died of od-ing on weed.

  • Justin F.
    01/01/2018 19:04

    Why can’t I just smoke weed in peace?

  • Matthew L.
    01/01/2018 17:53

    That would be the day I run around naked in the snow if the USA and Canada got smart and actually did this. Then we won't have to worry about getting the excitement for doing something bad. We'll just get bored of it and sick of it and throw away the drugs. It's that simple... But... yeah... they is too greedy to have common sense.

  • Noah M.
    01/01/2018 00:57

    Highly misleading stats! Population of America is 323.1 Million, so 0.016% of the population died of drug related causes. Population of Portugal is 10.32 Million, so 0.004% died of drug related causes. So per percentage only 4 times more people died in America than in Portugal. So still a large problem but not as shocking as it was made to be

  • Dale T.
    12/31/2017 22:45

    American population: 323 million Portugal’s population: 10 million

  • Arron W.
    12/31/2017 15:20

    Pfizer . research them

  • Gerry M.
    12/31/2017 14:41

    It's working,

  • Liam F.
    12/31/2017 14:29

    who wants to move to Portugal