• Tabbi C.
    07/17/2017 16:09

    I say treat the Liberals

  • Rahul K.
    07/17/2017 16:27

    Don't play with human brains

  • Jesus T.
    07/17/2017 16:54

    So its like electric shock therapy.

  • Josh R.
    07/17/2017 17:37

    Tesla did it to great effect.

  • Jose S.
    07/18/2017 00:26

    Sounds like a lobotomy lol

  • Erick H.
    07/18/2017 11:19

    Yet another absolute waste of money. Marijuana solves it!!! Naturally, might I add.

  • Nadiuska C.
    07/18/2017 11:45

    I heard this has worked in people with addictions of drugs and alcohol

  • Justin H.
    07/18/2017 11:55

    Do you want to be brain washed? Because this is how you do it.

  • Grant V.
    07/18/2017 12:10

    Sign me up.

  • Alex D.
    07/18/2017 12:40

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence for this whatsoever. Magnets have no effect on blood, so not sure how they'd affect the brain. Maybe he's at the cutting edge of something amazing, or maybe he's just another doctor feel good selling snake oil. Multiple sessions per week.... I wonder what his office visit fees are?

  • James O.
    07/18/2017 12:59


  • Randy K.
    07/18/2017 14:00


  • Candice L.
    07/18/2017 14:32

    I have been depressed for so long I can't imagine something actually working

  • Michelle N.
    07/18/2017 14:40

    modern day shock therapy? 🤔

  • Noe L.
    07/18/2017 14:56

    How about exercising, and releasing those chemicals on the brain:)

  • Nicholas L.
    07/18/2017 15:01

    This is how you can reroute brain activity with electricity and change your thought process

  • Andrea R.
    07/18/2017 15:10

    lol remember ?

  • Nick S.
    07/18/2017 15:35

    Did you want 28 days later? Because this is how you get 28 days later

  • Emma W.
    07/18/2017 15:50

    I'm currently undergoing TMS treatment, actually! It's pretty incredible, and it's changing my life for the better. I've got new confidence that I haven't had in YEARS, I'm not nearly as suicidal, and my anxiety is a LOT calmer now. It may sound pretty bizarre and futuristic, but TMS is a life-saver in the most literal sense.

  • Jay L.
    07/18/2017 16:02

    This is bullshit they have no idea what they're doing... play it safe and stick to lsd kids