Turning The Tables on Anorexia

Anorexia nearly killed her. Now, she's hitting back with a new book celebrating body acceptance and happiness. Special thanks to Bodyposipanda.

09/22/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Christopher J.
    09/22/2018 19:02

    The body positivity movement has become a joke

  • Matt P.
    09/23/2018 20:24

    She looked great before, now she's fat as fuck

  • David I.
    09/24/2018 04:56

    Que asco de gorda, aver si le da una hipertension y se mueren todas.

  • Nathan A.
    09/24/2018 13:40

    Women doing too much with this freaking colorful hair......look like clowns now....,,my opinion

  • Brittany C.
    09/24/2018 18:43

    I like how men are the ones talking crap about anything that a women is happy about lol if ya'll don't like it scroll past ya'll are the only ones who are a joke! 🤗 but more power too you if trying too be negative brightens your day! And also even though people may look big or small even for men and women boys and girls our bodies are all created differently so just be happy lol

  • Brut
    09/24/2018 19:37

    A body-confidence coach who had 15 surgeries, wants people to know that it’s okay to have scars:

  • Matt P.
    09/24/2018 20:15

    There is a big difference between saying somebody doesn't look good and they are ugly and saying that you can be more healthy. If you have too much body fat that is a health issue this everyone is equal bullshit is going to affect people's health. I am 220 pounds and people if they tell me to embrace who I am in love my fat stomach they are only doing me harm! If people are truly my friends they should encourage me that I need to lose weight for my health! There is nothing good about being overweight nothing at all just because you're a lazy fat fuck doesn't mean we have to change general health standards so your feelings don't get hurt

  • Abdellah A.
    09/24/2018 22:31

    Its okey to be fat but still aint healthy. You neednt doctors to be told you so

  • Fahad N.
    09/25/2018 06:19

    Nadia Rajpoot

  • Shaena K.
    09/25/2018 10:46


  • Josh R.
    09/25/2018 12:12

    Yep teach kids it’s okay to be fat and unhealthy. Very positive. Dumbasses

  • Lsamir A.
    09/25/2018 16:27


  • Altaf K.
    09/25/2018 17:21

    Ilove you ilove you dil jan

  • نوره ا.
    09/26/2018 03:24


  • Anbarasu K.
    09/26/2018 09:12

    You are absolutely beautiful

  • Mike M.
    09/26/2018 14:12

    Being healthy is a choice as well as being fat is a choice. When I gain weight it’s because I ate more fuel than I burned. That’s simple. It’s biology’s fault is simple horse shit

  • Ramdan M.
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  • Eriselda P.
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  • وسام أ.
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