• Tracy A.
    07/23/2020 06:02

    We have went this long without mask and touching everything. So mask ain’t gonna stop it. And isn’t really that save.

  • MC T.
    07/10/2020 05:08

    I can't except this because I do not know what he is really doing in the dark. This can very easily be misconstrued and tampered with. All we know he could have something in his mouth squirting out water to be highlighted. This is just to push an agenda of wearing mask. Think of Covid like parvo. It is never going away. Some dogs get it and they can be saved, some don't and they die. Yet, some owners vaccinate and the it works and some don't and their dog is fine. I'm so over this.

  • David S.
    07/07/2020 15:50


  • Richard M.
    07/07/2020 07:02

    This diversion is to allow NWO in ...Governments worldwide are setting the trap...they're being told what to do For the new Control For the new monetary system For less people...(yes murder).

  • Tabatha J.
    07/06/2020 07:54

    And yet we survived all the way to 2020 without wearing facemasks

  • Richard J.
    07/05/2020 22:46

    Now show the study using cloth masks that the CDC are encouraging. Oh, not published!

  • Vijay N.
    07/04/2020 04:26

    Truth does not require anyone's verification. Yes, it is true that no one accepts the truth easily. Because he knows that truth can make his life miserable. Therefore, he is always intent on calling the truth untrue. Countless people have died in the last four months, but no one has tried to know what is causing the death. By listening to the words of leaders and doctors, we are accepting their words as true. Today I want to ask all of you, why more than half of the world's population is poor? The way leaders and physicians are trying to declare themselves great, according to this, the standard of living of every human being should be the same. 99 percent of physicians do not treat a sick person without money. Despite this, for the last four months, doctors have been trying to declare themselves as great as God. All these doctors are professionals and they get paid every month, so how are these doctors saying that they are helping us. 👉If corona virus is a natural disease, then why 80 percent of India's population is blaming Muslims? Eighty percent of India's population is saying that the infection of corona virus in India is spreading due to the people of Muslim community. If the corona virus infection in India is spreading due to the people of the Muslim community, then are the Muslim community responsible for spreading the infection all over the world?👈 👉It is being said again and again that so many people have died due to corona virus. But even after countless deaths in the last four months, no one has asked the leaders and doctors that which medicine is being given to the person infected with Corona virus.👈 👉 people have died due to hydroxychlorquine medication in the last four months.👈 👉 Is the doctor and scientist miraculous, or God? 👈 You are saying that for 40 years this medicine is being given to malaria patients, so will you start giving this medicine to cancer patients also in future? Did God tell doctors and scientists that this medicine can cure every disease, and no one will die after consuming this medicine?.......🤔 For the last four months, I was repeatedly saying that due to this medicine, people are dying in America and Europe. Actually this is a game, and this game has been played very cleverly by the leaders and practitioners. 👉 Nobody knows what is happening in the hospital. Now the truth came out in front of everyone, then the doctors cleverly changed the face and started blaming the leaders. I want to ask you, why have doctors given this medicine in excess to sick people? Will dead people become alive after doctors accept the mistake?👈 Now you tell me what are the reasons behind not making the post mortem report public? No one knows anything about how death is happening. Only the leaders and doctors of political parties are aware of this. Politicians and journalists of any country have made public the post mortem reports of those who died? If death is caused by an unnatural cause, then the death of the deceased is first done and an attempt is made to find out what caused the death. But till date, post mortem has not been done in any country of human dying of corona virus. Performing post mortem reveals the cause of death. Overall, the game is being played on the pretext of the corona virus to reduce the world's population. After completing his visit to India, a few days after the US President arrived in the US, there was an increase in mortality in New York. All news channels on this issue said that people have died due to Corona virus. But I want to tell you that, three days after reaching America, the President of America demanded the hydroxychloroquine medicine from the Prime Minister of India, and the Prime Minister of India also sent the medicine within two days of the demand without delay... Surprisingly, at the time when the President came to India, 15 people were infected with Corona virus in India and only 2 people were infected with Corona virus in America....👉 But two days after the US President arrived in America, most Black American and Latin American citizens died in New York......I want to ask all of you, what happened that caused the infection to spread rapidly in New York City?....🤔 Three months later, the World Health Organization, scientists, politicians and physicians have cleverly accepted that most people died due to hydoxychloroquine medicine. Sadly, no one has taken this issue seriously. Since 25 March, I was warning that people are dying due to this medicine, but no one believed my words. Everyone said that I am misleading people, but I stick to my point. Every time I said that, doctors and scientists themselves would admit that people are dying because of this medicine. After the death of countless people, today the World Health Organization and doctors are accepting that, most people have died due to this medicine. Now I want to ask all of you, I was misleading people, or the World Health Organization and doctors were misleading. Today I feel very sad that I could not save people. The truth is in front of all of you and now you all have to decide whether it is a game, or a mistake? India sent this medicine to every country. Now I want to ask you, who will you hold responsible for this mistake? At the behest of a leader, all the ruling politicians of the world gave this medicine to the people infected with Corona virus without thinking, and today the truth is in front of everyone. I am very sad because countless friends have died due to negligence. From my perspective, riots and movements are taking place in every country to divert attention from the real cause of death .

  • Francis M.
    07/03/2020 15:47


  • Dee S.
    07/03/2020 01:34

    Yukkkkk.. so this is like telling us that we've been spitting at each other when we talk 😅

  • Sher K.
    07/03/2020 01:10

    I think Nora Account is fake

  • Jake K.
    07/02/2020 23:31

    Check this out

  • Matthew B.
    07/02/2020 22:35


  • Brut
    07/02/2020 20:20

    Find out more about the study: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2007800

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