Yale changes mental health policies for students in crisis

Yale University will allow students suffering from mental health problems to take a medical leave of absence instead of having to withdraw from classes.

Softens mental health policies for students

Under the new policy, students can take time off without losing health insurance, campus resources, nor having to apply for reinstatement, all of which are policies students have long criticized. The policy update comes two months after the Washington Post reported students were being pressured by Yale administrators to withdraw after disclosing mental health problems, which would require them to reapply.

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The story, which included accounts from more than 25 current and former students, explained that many avoided seeking mental health services and hid suicidal thoughts for fear of being exiled. By the end of November, students and alumni had filed a lawsuit against Yale University, accusing the school of systematically discriminating against students with mental illness and asking not for monetary damages, but for an update to its policy. With the change, students are also now eligible for four terms of leave, an increase from two.

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