• Pradeep S.
    03/11/2018 14:20

    Ohhh I thought Britishers were rich

  • Akashdeep D.
    03/11/2018 14:08

    Is water free? No. Then why this?

  • Red S.
    01/21/2018 02:38

    Everyone's singing the praises of diva cups so why don't you give them out? They last longer and are less wasteful

  • Kara K.
    01/16/2018 19:04


  • Tina D.
    01/09/2018 23:40

    thoughts ?

  • Anh N.
    01/09/2018 22:50

    Truc Nguyen😌😌

  • Allie S.
    01/09/2018 19:30

    dis gon be me

  • Tajay S.
    01/09/2018 00:27

    The point of the video is being completely missed. The video was made to make awareness about 1/10 girls in the UK that can’t AFFORD to buy pads and tampons. Meaning that they don’t have the money or resources to BUY any. Periods happen once a month for most females. You can not compare a cycle to using the bathroom because when you’re on your period blood constantly flows out, when you use the bathroom it doesn’t continue to flow out for MULTIPLE DAYS AT A TIME. Now for the men. I understand that you don’t get anything out of it , but I know that you have females in your life who would. You shouldn’t be thinking that you have to get something out of it. This is just a good deed. You’re not the only on who has to pay for the tax🙃

  • Cara C.
    01/09/2018 00:08

    She said for low income homes for women in school and it’s upsetting to see how many are missing school because they don’t have the right supplies. Girls start getting periods as early as the age of 9..... still a child. It is not their fault their parents can’t afford to buy them supplies and how embarrassing for a young girl who doesn’t fully even understand but then have to worry about how she is supposed to buy these necessities. And for those of you saying a reusable cup.... a 9 year old child who gets their period definitely is not going to know how to use one let alone be able to use one. So I agree with a portion of what she is saying. It is a necessity for women....

  • Tina K.
    01/08/2018 18:28

    Why? Are they too pricy ....

  • Jeff M.
    01/08/2018 17:16

    frfikin leach! buy them yourself bitch

  • Frank R.
    01/07/2018 23:31

    Why ,we need free toilet paper 👏

  • Rya S.
    01/07/2018 23:03

    Condoms are free at the doctor. Women hygiene products are not.

  • Jhaset J.
    01/07/2018 21:19

    Women in UK can't afford sanitary products... Yeah that's pretty hard to believe for a first world country... I'm sorry...

  • Brittany P.
    01/07/2018 20:30

    Use menstraul cups, they’re cheap and re usable🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Holly D.
    01/07/2018 20:23

    Every school I've been to in the US from elementary to college has offered free feminine products to students. I couldn't imagine going to a school that didn't. I do understand though for women not in school if can be difficult to find the extra money to buy over peiced tampons when you have to pay to keep the lights on and the water running and feed your family. But honestly you can get a mentural cup for around $5-10. Not sure what that equates to in euros, but its a one time purchase that can last up to 10 years. There's absolutely no need to continuously but pads and tampons. They're over priced, full of harmful chemicals, and accumulate so much waste on our planet anyways. They should come up with a way to get mentural cups into school systems to hand out to female students and have some in all doctors offices, hospital/ ERs, free clinics, and government funded health departments. Also I've head of free vending machines for homeless citizens that have tampons and such in there. It would be better to replace the tampons/ pads in these machines with cups so people in need can get more use out of it than just pack of 5 one time use only tampons.

  • Matt L.
    01/07/2018 19:26

    How pricy are they in the UK that they’re so unaffordable? Does it compare to US vs UK fuel prices?

  • Michael Y.
    01/07/2018 19:04

    Just have the set of people who have to wipe the queens puss and stinking ass available for all the women.

  • Jayp V.
    01/07/2018 18:34

    Condom should be free also ... it's a hidden tax for men too ...

  • Jessica S.
    01/07/2018 16:15

    People are homeless and starving but women are going to start crying because they "can't afford" hygiene products? Prioritize your expenses.

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